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About CSR

About CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility


Because we are here, we care, and we are responsible...

As an inseparable part of the community, we as a financial institution is committed to grow with the people, as well as to have social concerns and responsibility in order to always add value to the people’s welfare. Our concern with the social responsibility is a virtue that has been rooted by the founders and all of our employess. In our social responsibility programme, apert from opening opportunities for our partners, we also provide opportunities for our employees to be actively involved in the CSR programmes and to have direct interaction with the people. Hence, CSR is not just part of the company, but also part of the employees concern towards the people.

The SPIRITs that lays a firm foundation in every one of our programmes are:

  • Partnership with every stakeholder (employees, customers, and the people) with the principal of equality
  • Adding value to the people’s welfare by prioritizing people’s resources utilization to create independence
  • Continuation in giving the benefits for all stakeholder.


Because education holds the primary importance in the foundation of improving the people’s lives process, hence education will be our main CSR focus, besides social and environmental issues.

Furthermore, every CSR programmes of ours will always focus on :

  • People’s needs and/or the environment, therefore, every programme that is brought forward able to add the knowlegde and sharing value which are beneficial to improve the people’s resources and not just material support.
  • Active participation from employees and nearby community.

Every programme that we do is always based on The SPIRITs and CSR FOCUS as well as orienting in our committment to be “Your Partner for Life”, which always strives to grow with the community in every step of life...

Several of our CSR programmes that have been done consistently and continuously are :

  • Education

    Bank Goes To School” and “One Day Workshop (ODW)” programmes are educational programmes that introduce saving habit and banking world to the community as early as possible, starting from Elementary school (Bank Goes to School) and university students (One Day Workshop). For university students, they are also given further knowledge to prepare them in entering the business world and creating their own business in the future. ODW has been going since 2007, give to more than 2.000 students in many universities and cities.

    Besides that, financial support for high school students with high achievements is also our focus. This is through the realization of scholarship continuation collaborating with our partners who will distribute the scholarship to the deserving ones.

  • Social

    It doesn’t matter how high the education quality is, if the health and environmental conditions are not supporting it, the community can’t be deemed to be prosperous. Hence, we are committed to the well-being of the community.

    As a concrete realization of our concern, since 2003 we have been organizing a blood donation drive every 3 months in various offices and cities. Through this event, every employess, directorial board included, are encouraged to participate to donate their blood.

    We are also actively participating in many social events in the community, among them are during National Hhlidays and religious days such as giveaways and community bazaar every Ramadhan for everyone.

  • Environment

    So that the people’s walfare can be maintaned, it needs to be supported by a good and well-arranged living environment. This what drives us to preserve environmental condition through the Go Green programme, be it internal Go Green with the employees or real action with the people outside the office.

    Besides the yearly planned CSR programmes, we are also attuned to the emergency needs in times of disaster, such as emergency help for natural disaster victims, fire disaster, and so on.