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Jumat 03 Agustus 2018, 09:35


There are clear advantages of why students go abroad to finish their higher education.
Without further adue, let’s dive in!
1.  Becoming Truly Independent
The experience of university is, for most new students, a steep learning curve in gaining independence. However, studying abroad takes a whole step further, challenging students to really develop as an individual. It may well change the way you view all kinds of things which you’d previously taken for granted. Studying abroad provides an opportunity to expand one's point of view and help one to understand and analyze problems and phenomenon for a longer-term, wider perspective. Moreover, long-term experience in different cultures tend to help one think objectively about oneself and one's home country, tolerate differences, and recognize and appreciate diversity.

2.  Make New Contacts & Build Relationships with Peers from Around the World
It’s likely that the university you choose for your international studies will have a large community of students both from the local area and all around the globe. If students take full advantage of this opportunity, they could graduate having established lasting friendships with people based in many different countries. Being part of an internationally diverse academic community can also enhance the quality of your learning, providing a wider spectrum of opinions and expertise.

3.  A Chance to Develop Multiple Language Skills
Either through studying in a second language or by practicing multiple language spoken locally. A growing number of courses around the world are taught in English & Mandarin, particularly at graduate level, and of course proficiency in English has many applications across all kinds of careers.

4.  A Chance of Experiencing First-Hand Working in a Foreign Corporations & Businesses
Foreign students can exercise the right of working in campus while taking classes, internships during summer or winter holidays, and a full-time working experience right after obtaining their bachelor’s degree.

5.  Studying abroad is a very good history on your CV
At a very basic level it will give future candidates something to talk about in an interview. But much more importantly it will prove to their potential employers that they have the ability to stand on their own two feet, that they can fit in when placed in different environments, and that they are resourceful and have the initiative.
b. International students are more open to new knowledge and expertise after studying abroad, and that knowledge is often more easily applicable and adaptable to situations requiring international interaction. Thus, one can expect to be more competitive in today's era of globalization.

It is without a doubt that studying abroad is an ultimate advantage to your own growth, both professionally and individually. The independence that you will get, international networking, getting to learn multiple languages, and the whole experience will be good qualities that define who you are.
However, there are real disadvantages and obstacles that international students will encounter. And it’s not something that they can easily master.

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