Apakah berinvestasi di produk memberikan imbal hasil tertinggi itu yang terbaik?

8 Dec 2020 Written by:OCBC NISP Wealth Management

Kenali profil investasi kita terlebih dahulu, agar bisa berinvestasi dengan lebih tenang dan mengurangi rasa khawatir

Is It better to Invest in a product that gives you higher return?

There are a lot of investment products on the market. Likewise, when investing through a Bank, there are so many investment products to choose from, such as Government and Corporate Bonds with various series, Mutual Funds of various types and from various Investment Managers, as well as insurance products that have an investment element. Thus, how do we choose the most suitable investment product, whether by choosing an investment product that provides the highest potential return so that the invested funds can work optimally?

In investing, there are basic rules that you should stick to that is: High risk high return, low risk low return. Therefore, if we want to get higher return, then we should be prepared to accept the risk that coqueal with the return.

Hence, if we want to invest in peace and without worrying too much, we should recognize our risk investment profile before we invest. One of the ways is to fill up an investment risk profile. The questioner result can help us to determine our risk profile and our investment products that match our risk profile. Even though, at the end of the day, those who understand better about the investment profile are ourselves, since we are the ones who can feel the level of unsettledness when investing in an investment product and there are potential losses that must be borne when market conditions are not as we expected. If the level of uneasyness is way too high, there is a tendency for us to realize losses and bear losses.

In the result of that, the investment product that is suitable for us is an investment product that provides the highest return, but is an investment product that suits our risk profile and our investment objectives.

As time goes by, our risk profile can change over time and we should update our risk profile regularly so that when we invest we can choose the appropriate investment products.

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