TAYTB Moment 2020 Terms and Conditions

19 Dec 2020 Written by: Redaksi OCBC NISP

As time flies, the year 2020 is approaching its end! Who knows, we successfully pass this year full of surprises to this day.

As a reward to you who keep the spirit to finish this year and keep the spirit to rise up, we Bank OCBC NISP would like to invite you to celebrate this end-year by sharing your own TAYTB Moment 2020. The most interesting stories would be picked to have exclusive merchandise from Bank OCBC NISP.


  1. Participant must be a follower of Instagram account @ocbc_nisp and/or Twitter account @bankocbcnisp
  2. All social media users are welcome, both customers or non-customers of Bank OCBC NISP
  3. Participant social media account must not be locked
  4. Activity period: 19-22 December 2020


  1. Participants upload their TAYTB Moment stories on Instagram (Feed or Story) or Twitter
  2. The story is about how participants stand up against the downturn and extraordinary circumstance this year, how they overcome the problems, etc
  3. For submissions on IG Story, participants need to save the stories on their personal account Highlight with title, “TAYTB Moment”
  4. Submissions could be a picture/photo, video, or just simply a text
  5. Please include hashtag #TAYTBMoment
  6. Mention and tag @ocbc_nisp (Instagram) or @bankocbcnisp (Twitter)
  7. Submissions are real life stories from participants, not a made-up or fictional stories
  8. If the stories belong to someone else, this information needs to be included in the story, for example: “This is a story from my father.”
  9. Participants able to submit more than 1 different stories
  10. Bank OCBC NISP as the organizer have rights to repost the submissions or use them to any social media activities.


  1. Winners would be announced on December 24th 2020 on IG Story @ocbc_nisp
  2. There would be 10 winners to get exclusive merchandise from Bank OCBC NISP
  3. Winners who didn’t obey the rules until the announcement date would be disqualified
  4. Winners who didn’t respond to the confirmation message by our social media team of Bank OCBC NISP would also be disqualified
  5. Prizes would be sent at least 60 working days (exclude weekend or holiday) after the date of confirmation letter sent by winners
  6. Bank OCBC NISP as the organizer of this activity would not be responsible to any damaged item or any late/failure of shipping due to mistakes done by winners (for example: unidentified address, beneficiary address was empty/unresponded) or any errors from the courier company
  7. All decisions made by the organizer are valid and could not be sued.

So, lets share your TAYTB Moment! Who knows, your moments could be an inspiring story to others. It is indeed just a small gift, but it’s a token of appreciation from our hearts :)

Remember, Tidak Ada Yang Tidak Bisa (Nothing is Impossible)!

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