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Please make sure the reference you provide does not have business loan facilities at OCBC NISP

Terms and Conditions of OCBC NISP Business Loan Refer Your Partner Program:

  1. The OCBC NISP Business Loan Refer Your Partner Program Period ("Program") is valid until December 31th, 2021.
  2. The referrer customer eligible to get a reward for every successful reference with the following conditions:
    • The referrer refers business loan application (CPL, TL, DL, KRK) and mandatory to fill out the Program form;
    • The referrer has to be an active individual customer of Bank OCBC NISP;
    • The referral of business loan has to be a new customer to business loan (CPL, TL, DL, KRK);
    • he referral has successfully binding credit for its business loan facilities in OCBC NISP during the Program period;
    • The program Is not valid for Bank OCBC NISP employee.
  3. The referral will follow the credit process in accordance to regulations at Bank OCBC NISP.
  4. Reward will be obtained after referral credit disbursement:
    Credit LimitReward
    From IDR1 bio to IDR5 bioIDR2,500,000
    > IDR5 bioIDR5,000,000
    • Additional reward IDR 1 mio for referral done by Women to Women
    • Reward will be provided in form of PoinSeru
  5. The referrer customer guarantees for every referral data and information referred to Bank OCBC NISP has been approved by the referral.
  6. By the time and date of referral data are submitted to Bank OCBC NISP, the data automatically belong to Bank OCBC NISP and can be use by the bank in accordance with the legal provisions and laws in Indonesia.
  7. Bank OCBC NISP has the right to mention the referrer name to the referral party.
  8. The referrer customer hereby releases OCBC NISP from the claim and/or lawsuit in any form and any party regarding to data and information submitted by the referrer customer through the Program form.
  9. Bank OCBC NISP has the right and authority to change, add, and/or reduce the terms and conditions of this Program with written notification at OCBC NISP's branches or other media appointed by OCBC NISP, subject to the applicable laws and regulations.
  10. The referrer customer hereby declares has read, understood, agreed, and willing to comply and bound by the terms and conditions of this Program, as well as OCBC NISP procedures regarding this Program, including all applicable provisions and laws and regulations.
  11. The terms and conditions of this Program have been adjusted to the provisions of the regulations of the Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK).

Customer/Referrer Statement

  1. I understand and agree to participate in OCBC NISP's Refer Your Partner Program
  2. I guarantee the referral data is appropriate and can be contacted by OCBC NISP for the purposes of loan application process at OCBC NISP.