Debit Card with Global Wallet

Happy Transactions Aboard Without Conversion With OCBC NISP Debit Mastercard

Global Wallet Feature

A new feature on OCBC NISP Debit Mastercard special for Tanda 360 Plus account. Transact aboard without conversion on 11 foreign currency.

Easy Transactions

Cash withdrawals and shopping aboard without exchange rate converstions. Directly debit foreign currency in forex account.

Free cash withdrawal in Singapore

Free cash withdrawal throughout the OCBC NISP ATM network in Sinapore.

Other benefits


Available 11 Foreign Currencies

Cash withdrawal transaction at ATM aboard with foreign currency : USD, AUD, SGD, JPY, EUR, HKD, CHF, NZD, CAD, GBP, China Yuan (CNH)

For transaction outside of these 11 currency will be debited from IDR account


Easy ATM Access

Withdraw cash in Indonesia (domestic) and aboard on all Mastercard network.


Free Transaction Fee

Debit shopping at domestic or international merchants without transaction fees



Transactions without having to insert the card into the EDC machine and without having to enter a PIN for certain transaction amount.

How To Get Debit Card with Global Wallet


Come to the nearest OCBC NISP branch.



Exhange current Tanda 360 Plus ATM/Debit card for a Debit Card Mastercard with Global Wallet.



Debit card can be directly used to transactions aboard.


    Important Information

    Transactions Limits

    Transaction Fee


Global Wallet Debit Card

  • Debit Card Mastercard OCBC NISP with the card number at the 7, 8, and 9 is 800.
    5379-4080-0123-4567 (Debit Card Global Wallet)
    5379-4088-0123-4567 (Not a Debit Card Global Wallet)


  1. Make sure you have enough balance in your foreign exchange account to make transactions or withdraw cash
  2. Make sure the value of transaction doesn’t exceed the daily limit of the card for withdrawal or debit transaction aboard
  3. Debit card can be used on ATM/EDC machines that gave the Maestro, Mastercard or Cirrus logos
  4. When transaction at an ATM, make sure to select type of savings account

Contactless feature on OCBC NISP Mastercard ATM/Debit Cards

Currently, the OCBC NISP Mastercard is equipped with a contactless feature for convenience, security and speed of transactions. The following information on the OCBC NISP Mastercard debit card with contactless features/technology:

  • The contactless feature is a feature attached to the OCBC NISP mastercard debit card so cardholders with a contactless symbol can make transactions without having to insert the cardinto the EDC(Electronic Data Capture) machine and without having to enter a PIN for a certain transaction amount.
  • This contactless feature will be active after the OCBC NISP mastercard debit card has been activated by the cardholder through a branch or ONe Mobile.
  • OCBC NISP Debit Card with the contactless feature can be used at domestic EDC OCBC NISP Bank if EDC can already accept transactions from debit cards with the contactless feature.
  • OCBC NISP card holders with the contactless feature can make transactions without a PIN with maximum accumulated transaction amount of IDR1.000.000/transaction/day (or equivalent). The cardholder will be asked for PIN authentication if the transaction exceeds the limit.
  • Especially for debit cards with a contactless feature that are connected to junior accounts. Then transactions without a PIN can be carried out with a maximum accumulated transaction amount of IDR500.000/transaction/day (or equivalent).
  • Customers can submit request to active the contactless feature without a PIN hrouh a bank branch.
  • Contactless transaction without PIN can only be made at certain merchants which have contactless EDC machine and cannot be used for cash withdrawal or online transactions.
  • To make a contactless transaction, the cardholder must bring and attach the card to the EDC contactless machine.
  • No additional fees will be paid to cardholders who use the contactless feature.

Transaction Limit OCBC NISP Debit Card

  Debit Card Mastercard with Global Wallet
Cash withdrawal IDR 15.000.000/day/account
Interbank Transfer IDR 50.000.000/day/account
Shopping Debit IDR 50.000.000/day/card
Book Transfer IDR 100.000.000/day/account
Purchase Payment IDR 100.000.000/day/card
Contactless(Without PIN) IDR1 mio/transaction/day

*The limit transaction limit is equivalent to a foreign currency

Debit Card Transaction Fee
Transaction on EDC machine No fees are changed to customers for transactions on domestic or foreign EDM machines
Transactions on ATM Cash withdrawal fees changes by OCBC NISP Bank:

  • Free cash withdrawal at OCBC Singapore ATM
  • Cash withdrawal fees at other international ATM as follows:
    Biaya Tarik Tunai Per Mata Uang
    3 3 3 3 3 5 5 5 15 15 200 30.000

Cash withdrawal feed changed by other international bank ATM owners overseas.
The fee is varied and depends on the policy of each bank owning the ATM. This fee is changed by the customer.

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