OCBC NISP Debit Online

Debit card for safe and easy online transactions

Minimize Potential Risk

An initial limit that has been determined by the bank, IDR 3 Million for e-commerce transactions and IDR500 Thousand for periodic transactions

Adjustable Limit

Set transaction limit up to IDR50 million per day

Secure Transaction

Transaction Verification via OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to your mobile phone

Other benefits


Exclusive Online Transactions

Transaction in any e-commerce, including for entertainment subscription (Netflix, Spotify, and so on)


Special Card Number

Safer because Online Debit Card Number is different from physical Debit Card Number


Easy Block/Unblock Card

Use the ONe Mobile app to block cards and unblock easily

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Online Debit Card
Online Debit Card

Online Debit Card

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Debit card for safe and easy online transactions

Popular Questions About Kartu Debit Online

Online Debit Card is online payment tools that have card number, 3 digits of CVV (Card Verification Value), and expiration date. Online Debit Card can be activated through ONe Mobile application by all OCBC NISP Customers who already have a savings account & Internet ID User Banking/Mobile Banking.

  • Physical Debit Card is used to transact offline in stores/physical merchant.
  • Online Debit Card is used to transact online in the e-commerce platform.

Various benefits that you can enjoy with an Online Debit Card:

  1. Set the limit as you like, you can set transaction limit up to Rp 50 million per day.
  2. Secure transactions with transaction verification via OTP (One Time Password).
  3. Flexible, you can have up to 3 active cards at once for your various needs.
  4. Easy, hassle free, free of charge, and no need to top up.

Online Debit Card normally is used to transact online in e-commerce platform, transactions in GOJEK & GRAB or subscription entertainment service provider applications such as Netflix, Spotify, Apple TV, and others, as payment alternatives such as credit cards.

Transactions with Online Debit Card is very safe, because:

  • There is verification of transactions via OTP (One Time Password) that is sent only to your handphone.
  • Have a special card number that is different from the physical debit card number.
  • Separate transaction limits from physical debit card.

You can ask questions to:

  • TANYA OCBC NISP to 1500999
  • E-mail to tanya@ocbcnisp.com

For more complete information regarding Online Debit Card, please click bit.ly/on_vdcbook

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