OCBC NISP Debit Premier

Special debit card facility for Premier Banking customers

Broad ATM Network

Easy access In Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia

Debit Card with Global Wallet Feature

Withdraw and shop abroad without currency conversion, directly debit foreign currencies at Tanda 360 Plus

Free of Cash Withdrawals

Cash withdrawal at domestic and international ATM

Other benefits


No Transfer Fee

Transfer anywhere via ATM without worry to think about additional fees


No Fee Check Balance

Check balances at domestic and international ATM


11 Foreign Currencies Cash Withdrawals

Withdraw 11 currencies at overseas ATM. Exclusive for countries using USD, AUD, SGD, JPY, EUR, HKD, CHF, NZD, CAD, GBP, China Yuan (CNH) currencies


Free cash withdrawal fees outsdide Indonesia


Free cash withdrawal fees outside Indonesia using ATMs bearing the Mastercard logo


Shop Like Locals

Directly debits from foreign currency account balance while shopping abroad

    Other Informations

NON Premier / Premier MASTERCARD Debit Card Limit
GPN Debit Card
Cash withdrawal IDR 15,000,000 / day / account
Interbank transfer IDR 50,000,000 / day / account
Shopping Debit IDR 50,000,000 / day / card
Book transfer IDR 100,000,000 / day / card
Purchase Payment IDR 100,000,000 / day / card
Cash withdrawal Eqv IDR 15,000,000 / day / account
Online Debit Card
Shopping Debit IDR 50,000,000 / day / card

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Special debit card facility for Premier Banking customers

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