1. Manage

Manage your finance easily based on what you need

2. Grow

Determine how your busines grows

3. Live Without Worries

Get the most for your lifestyle

Choose Nyala service that suits your needs


Solutions to grow money & enjoy monthly benefits

  • Free unlimited BI-FAST transfer fees
  • Free online transfer fees between banks
  • Free cash withdrawals
  • Free e-wallet top-up and billing payment fees
  • Unlimited access to financial classes
  • Free financial consultation up to 6X with NYALA Trainer
  • Free monthly streaming of movies & music on all platforms.

Nyala Bisnis

For more excellence in business and personal finance

  • Personal account (Tanda 360 Plus) & business account (Business Smart) in one service
  • Combined balance starts from IDR 25 million to enjoy benefits of free transaction and services fee
  • Free admin and below minimum balance fee
  • Free service fee worth IDR 50,000/month in 2022
  • Free interbank transfer fee via e-channel online method & SKN/LLG 50x per month
  • Free cash withdrawal in ATM Prima, Bersama, dan OCBC Singapore 50x per month
  • Free clearing fees at OCBC NISP branches up to 50x per month
  • Various digital solutions to grow your business
  • Free annual fee for first year with OCBC NISP Credit Cards
  • 0% installment facility for 3 months using OCBC NISP Titanium Credit Card

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