KII Regular

Property-backed loans for individual, non-productive investment purposes

Borrow up to IDR 15 Million

Suits your every needs

Repay in up to 25 Years

Long-run flexibility to your cashflow

Funding for Various Projects

Housing, Apartment, Shophouse, Officehouse, Share house.

KII Regular

    KII Reguler Terms of Application

    Interest & Fees

    Product Information Summary

  • Individual applicants
  • Indonesian citizenship
  • Minimum age 21 years old/ married
  • Employees: Maximum age 58 years old by the end of loan tenure
  • Entrepreneur/Professional: Maximum age 70 years old by the end of loan tenure
  • Receives regular income

No Service Fee
1 Provision Fee ≤ 10 years: 1% x credit limit
> 10 years: 1,5% x credit limit
2 Admin Fee < 10 years: 0,1% x credit limit or minimium IDR 250 thousand
≥ 10 years: 0,1% x credit limit or minimum IDR 500 thousand
3 Insurance Fee As quoted by insurance partner
4 Notary Fee As quoted by notary partner
5 Credit Agreement Deed Fee Valid for Credit Agreement Deed made internally in the Bank
6 Transaction Fee IDR 750 thousand or corresponding to KJPP transaction fee
7 Late payment fee 0.1% per day of total outstanding payment
8 Early repayment fee 3% of outstanding payment, within penalty period
9 Certificate Deposit Fee Charged a small Safe Deposit Box (SDB) fee, if documents are left 30 days beyond credit completion
Tenure ≤ 10 years: 1% loan plafond
Tenure > 10 years: 1.5% loan plafond
Administration Fee
Tenure < 10 years: 0.1% loan plafond or min. Rp 250.000
Tenure ≥ 10 years: 0.1% loan plafond or min. Rp 500.000
Insurance Premium
Subject to charges imposed by OCBC NISP insurance partners
Subject to charges imposed by OCBC NISP notary partners
Rp 750.000 or subject to charges imposed by KJPP
Legal Documents
Imposed when legal documents are prepared by Bank OCBC NISP
Late Charges
0.1% per day of delayed payments
3% of unscheduled payments
Deposit Fee of Unclaimed Collateral Documents
Smallest Safe Deposit Box (SDB) fee will be charged, when collateral documents are unclaimed 30 days after a loan paid off
Interest rate
In accordance with the Rate Promo
KII Regular
KII Regular

KII Regular

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KII Regular