TAKA Fix Installment

Realize your plan with TAKA Fix Installment

No to Specify Monthly Deposit & Time

Free to determine monthly deposit & period of saving

Competitive Interest Rates

Fixed interest rate per year

No Administration Fee

No Administration Fee

Other Advantages


Flexible Monthly Deposit

Free to specify monthly deposit as planned


Flexible Timeframe

Free to choose the time period as needed


Autodebet System

Auto debit monthly deposit from Relasi account


No Admin Fee

Saving without being charged a monthly administration fee.


Competitive Interest Rates

Fixed interest rate per year.

    Terms & Conditions

    Interest & Fees


    Other Conditions

    Product Information Summary

TAKA Angsuran Tetap Account Opening Requirements

  • KTP and NPWP card for Indonesian citizens
  • KIMS/KITAS/KITAP for Foreigners
  • Have an account with Bank OCBC NISP
  • Make the first deposit equal to the monthly deposit

Taka Interest Rate
Effective March 8th, 2021

Product Branch Online
TAKA Angsuran Tetap 2.50% p.a. 2.50% p.a.
Customer Terms Individual
Currency IDR
Monthly Installment Deposit Min IDR100,000
Installment Multiples IDR100,000
Period Minimum 1 year and maximum 10 years (multiple of 6 months)
Target Funds #N/A (target funds are assumptions depending on term, monthly deposit and interest)
Rates Review Fixed 1 year (review rate per year)
Admin Fee No Admin Fee
Closing Costs IDR100,000
Monthly Deposit Late Fee 0.025% x monthly deposit arrears x number of days in arrears (grace period = 0 days)
Auto Close If there is a monthly deposit arrears for 6 consecutive months
Account Closing Before Maturity Through Branch Office (valid for branch opening / in ONe Mobile)
  1. Deposit conditions are autodebit accounts from Relasi Accounts.
  2. The currency of the TAKA account must be the same as the currency in the Relasi Account.
  3. The name of the TAKA account owner must be the same as the relasi account (debit source).
Taka Fix Installment
Taka Fix Installment

Taka Fix Installment

Taka Fix Installment (Online)
Taka Fix Installment (Online)

Taka Fix Installment (Online)

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1. Proof of valid identification
- Indonesians: Identification card (KTP) (seasonal/permanent) or Driver’s License (SIM)
- Foreigners: Passport and Letter of temporary residence (KIMS/KITAS/KITAP)
2. NPWP (Tax payment number), if you do not possess a NPWP, NPWP belonging to a parent can be used. If either parent does not possess a NPWP, a form to state of not owning a NPWP can be filled in
3. Fill in the savings application form, a specimen of signature and stamp duty IDR 6 thousand
4. Minimum balance to open an account according to the type of savings account

1. Fill in and complete the deposit account form
2. Present documents such as: identification cards, passport or Letter of temporary residence (KIMS/KITAS/KITAP) for foreigners
3. Minimum balance to open a deposit account

1. At least 18 years old or married
2. Photocopy of identification (for example: Identification card)
3. Photocopy of the NPWP (Tax payment number)
4. Letter of reference from a bank
5. Letter of authority
6. Specimen of signature
7.Not included in the blacklist of Bank Indonesia

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