TAKA Bunga

Term savings with the freedom of choosing targets to fulfil your dreams

Flexible to Set Target & Time

Set your own funding target and time to save

Competitive Interest Rates

Fixed interest rate for 1 year

Life Insurance Benefits

Live comfortably protected until the age of 74

Other benefits


Available in 3 currencies

Flexibility to choose to save with IDR, USD or SGD as needed


No Administration Fee

Enjoy saving without being charged a monthly administration fee


Savings Fund Target

Save as needed starting from IDR 2 Million / USD 1000 / SGD 2000


Determine the Term of Saving

Choose the time period between 6 months to 10 years 


Autodebet System

Transfer to savings with no hassle every month

    Terms & Conditions

    Interest & Fees


    Other Informations

    Product Information Summary

Terms to Open Taka Bunga Account

  • ID Card/Driving License
  • KIMS/KITAS/KITAP for Foreigners
  • Personal/Couple/Parents NPWPCard or sign an agreement letter from the Bank
  • Have related Account OCBC NISP
  • Make a deposit of funds according to the target funds of choice

TAKA Interest Rate
Effective March 8th, 2021

Product Branch Online
TAKA IDR 3.25% p.a. 3.75% p.a.
TAKA USD 0.25% p.a. -
TAKA SGD 0.01% p.a. -

Taka Bunga Facilities

  • ONe Mobile

Things You Need to Know:

  • Fluctuations in interest rates can occur following market developments (floating interest rates) and will be reviewed annually
  • The payment process is based on the auto debit system from the source account
  • If funds are not available on the debit date, a late monthly deposit fee will be charged, with the following conditions: Late monthly deposit fee: 0.025% x monthly deposit arrears x number of days in arrears Automatic close: 6 consecutive months there are arrears of monthly deposits
  • Customers cannot withdraw funds or close accounts before the end of the saving period. If funds are withdrawn or the account is closed, the customer will be charged an account closing fee
  • Insurance benefits: The amount guaranteed by the insurance company is the target amount of funds minus the amount of monthly deposits that have calculated interest and taxes
Taka Bunga IDR
Taka Bunga IDR

Taka Bunga IDR

Taka Bunga Online
Taka Bunga Online

Taka Bunga Online

Taka Bunga SGD
Taka Bunga SGD

Taka Bunga SGD

Taka Bunga USD
Taka Bunga USD

Taka Bunga USD

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Term savings with the freedom of choosing targets

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