Special savings for students who want to learn to save from an early age

No Admin Fee

Save more daily allowance

Saving with Your Own Account

The excitement of saving by yourself

ATM Card for Transaction

Students can arrange their own finances as needed

Other benefits


Initial & Monthly Low Deposit

Simply saving IDR 5,000 and a minimum of IDR 1,000 for the next saving


Next deposit is Easy

Saving for a next deposit of at least thousand rupiah


Rupiah Currency

Account in Indonesian Rupiah

    Terms & Conditions

    Interest & Fees


Terms to Open OCBC NISP SimPel Account

  • Intended for students of early childhood, kindergarten, elementary, junior school, high school, Madrasah (MI, MTs, MA) or a par aged below 17 years and not have the ID card.
  • It is not allowed to open joint account "AND" or "OR".
  • Proof of ownership of the accounts can choose the form of passbook  or Statement.
  • Withdrawals can only be done at a branch office of Bank OCBC NISP.
Tarif Biaya Nilai
Mata Uang IDR
Setoran Awal Rp5,000
Saldo Minimum Rata-rata Perbulan Rp5,000
Biaya Penutupan Rp5,000
Biaya Dormant Rp1,000/Bulan
Biaya Tarik Tunai N/A
Biaya Debit Belanja Merchant (Global Wallet) N/A

OCBC NISP SimPel Facilities

  • Account Book /Statement/E-Statement
  • ATM Card

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Popular Questions About the OCBC NISP SimPel

SimPel Savings Account (Student Savings) is a regulatory product devoted to students in Indonesia.

Savings book/statement/e-statement

Through OBCB NISP branch office

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Special savings for students

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