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Saving and transaction, safe balance without reduce

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Opening account digitally via partner application who collaborate with OCBC NISP

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Digital banking transactions on a OnePocket account via ONe Mobile or an application that works with OCBC NISP

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Free Minimum Balance

Free transaction without any retained balance in saving account at OnePocket


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Easy transaction at many OCBC merchant partner using OCBC NISP debit card


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FAQ OnePocket

  1. What is product OnePocket?
    OnePocket is a transactional account which can be opened through partner’s platform in cooperation with Bank OCBC NISP (”Mitra”).

  2. What are benefits obtained from OnePocket?
    Customers can enjoy the benefits of OnePocket in the form of:
    • No initial deposit required
    • Free Administration fee
    • Free Account closing fee
    • Free Below balance fee

  3. How to open a OnePocket product?
    Through the OCBC NISP Partner Electronic System, customers can open OnePocket products with the following conditions:
    1. Proof of identity in the form of KTP
    2. Fill in the Account Opening Personal Data, on the bank's web in the partner’s platform in corporation with Bank OCBC NISP
    3. Agreed on the terms and conditions that apply to account opening on the partner’s platform in corporation with Bank OCBC NISP

  4. Can I open OnePocket product through bank channels?
    No, currently OnePocket product can only be opened through partner’s platform in corporation with Bank OCBC NISP.

  5. Can I make transactions from OnePocket products through the Bank channels?
    Yes, customers can make transactions through the Bank's channel with OnePocket product as the source of funds if the customer has user ID to access ONe Mobile/Internet Banking.

  6. Will my OnePocket product active immediately after I receive the product opening notification email?
    No, customers need to top up any amount to the account to activate the product.

  7. Will I receive card for opening OnePocket product through Bank OCBC NISP Partner’s platform?
    Yes, upon opening the OnePocket product, the customer will receive a card according to the card type selected by the customer at the time of account opening.

  8. What is Account Binding?
    Account Binding is a mechanism to provide convenience for Customers in accessing customer’s data, information, and other details on partner’s platform.

  9. Can I unbind my account from Partner’s platform?
    Yes, customer rightfully can unbind account from partner's platform in accordance with the terms and conditions set by OCBC NISP.

  10. What types of transactions can I make on Partner's Platform?
    Type of transactions that can be made after the Customer successfully register the linking of OnePocket in Partner’s platform are as follows:
    • Balance inquiry;
    • Transaction history inquiry;
    • Fund transfer (overbooking/ to another bank);
    • Purchase & payment through Virtual Account.

  11. What do I need to know by binding my account on Bank OCBC NISP Partner’s Platform?
    By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of OnePocket:
    1. The Customer states that he/she has received a complete and adequate explanation from Bank OCBC NISP regarding the characteristics of the product and has understood and accepted all of the consequences of using this product including its associated benefits, risks and costs;
    2. The Customer states that he/she has accepted, read, understood, agreed and is willing to comply with and be bound by (i) these Terms and Conditions of OnePocket, (ii) Terms and Conditions of Account Opening and Arrangement of PT Bank OCBC NISP, Tbk, (iii) General Terms and Conditions of E-Banking Services; (iv) as well as procedures applicable in Bank OCBC NISP related to this product, including all applicable laws and regulations;
    3. The Customer acknowledges and fully agrees that by opening OnePocket through Partner, (i) the information/statement/data provided by the Customer through Partner will be disclosed and forwarded to Bank OCBC NISP, and therefore the Customer authorizes Bank OCBC NISP to contact any party to obtain or verify the validity of such information/statement/data in any manner deemed appropriate by Bank OCBC NISP subject to the applicable laws and regulations; and (ii) all process carried out by Partner shall be fully the responsibility of such Partner.
    4. The Customer acknowledges that every consent that the Customer gives in electronic form, such as a tickmark, OTP and any other forms that have the same purpose in Bank OCBC NISP’s platform shall be a perfect, valid and binding evidence even such consent is not made in a written document affixed with the wet signature/electronic signature;
    5. The Customer agrees that he/she agree that in the event of any difference or inconsistency between (i) the Terms and Conditions of Account Opening and Arrangement of PT Bank OCBC NISP, Tbk, and (ii) General Terms and Conditions of E-Banking Services with these Terms and Condition of OnePocket, then the provisions apply are as contained in this Terms and Condition of OnePocket.

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