FUTURES Contract (Kontrak Berjangka)

Provides an investment alternative for diversification with a relatively low on cash margin

Alternative Investment

Alternative investment for customers

Potensi Capital Gain

Potential for capital gains when the selling price is higher than the purchase price

Hedging Strategy

Hedging strategy on the certain market condition

Other Advantages


Global Access

Wide range access to ATM in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore


Easy Transaction

Transactions can be done at any time

    Terms and Conditions

    Interest and Fee

    Other Information


    Product Information Summary

Terms and Condition
1. Customer must understand, accept and agree to the characteristics, transaction mechanism and risks of the futures contract product before placing the contract

2. Customers who wish to purchase Futures Contract products are required to receive, understand and complete documents, among others:
 • Risk Profile Questionnaire
 • Term and Condition Futures Contract
 • Form Futures Contract placement
3. Minimum placement: according to market conditions, namely USD 100,000 / USD 200,000 (with the same multiple)
4. Customers are required to open a Futures Saving Account
5. Customer is required to provide funds as cash margin in the amount required by the Bank which is determined from time to time
Opening and Closing Fee: USD 20 per transaction, per contract

Other Information
I. Product Description
Future Contract is a contract traded on a futures exchange to buy or sell a specific number of financial instruments in the future, at a certain price agreed between the parties that is legally binding.

Futures contract transaction instrument refers to US Treasury Futures. 1 US Treasury Futures contract has a value (size) of USD 100,000 / USD 200,000 (according to market conditions)
US Treasury Futures are futures contracts based on US Treasury instruments with maturities ranging from 2 years to 30 years with quoted 32-nds (not in decimal format). The 32-nds quote format means, for example, Price 101-27 has the same meaning as the price of 101.84375 (= 27/32). 1% movement of the US Treasury Futures contract (USD 100K) has a value of USD 1K.
Customer must provide funds as the margin required by the bank in an amount determined from time to time consisting of:
 • Initial Margin = 7% of settlement transaction nominal*
 • Reserve Margin = 5% of settlement transaction nominal *
 *Settlement transaction: Price x Total Contract*Size
In a futures contract transaction, there is a minimum Cash Margin limit which must be maintained by Customer during Futures Contract transaction as determined by the Bank from time to time. This is called the Maintenance Margin
Maintenance Margin = 70% of Initial margin. If the Initial Margin is <70%, the customer is required to top up the funds taken from the reserve margin.

II. Product Simulation

III. Risk of Product and Other Information
1. Market Risk
Due to negative impact on the performance of the Futures Contract due to changes in relevant market factors such as the structure of the interest rate period and others
 2. Other Risk
 The customer must increase the cash margin if the previous cash margin falls from the margin required by the bank. Initial margin decreases <maintenance margin, customer MUST top up, return initial margin = 100% following Bank COT. The customer does not top up, the Futures Exchange has the right to close the Customer's position at any time using the prevailing market price

IV. Facility / Channel
All Bank OCBC NISP Branch Offices can serve the transaction

V. Complaint Procedure

Customers can submit complaints related to products through:
 1. Call OCBC NISP di 1500 – 999 (domestic call) atau 021-26506300 (overseas call)
 2. Contact Relationship Manager (RM)
 3. Email to callcenter@ocbcnisp.com
 4. Click www.ocbcnisp.com

1. You hereby acknowledge that you have read, received explanation and understood the product and/or service as specified in this Summary of Product and/or Service Information (“Summary”) and have informed, understood and accepted any consequences of product and/or service including all inherent benefits, risks and costs.

2. This Summary is intended only as an information and does not aim to be a basis for investment decisions. Past performance is not an indication of future performance. Any proposal documents for investment related products, must be studied further. Any projections, opinions or other statistical facts displayed in this information are only an indication and are not guaranteed in any form. You must determine your own decisions in accordance with the needs and investment strategies by considering legal, tax and accounting issues. Based on good intentions and moral responsibility, Bank OCBC NISP and each of its employees are not responsible for any direct or indirect losses, or as a consequence arising from the use of and dependence on this information in an investment decision.

3. Bank OCBC NISP reserves the right to reject your product and/or service application if it does not fulfil the requirements and the application of laws and regulations.

4. You have to carefully read this Summary and contact Bank OCBC NISP if there are further queries in respect of the product and/or service contained in this Summary.

5. This Summary has been adjusted to be in accordance with the provisions of regulations including the regulations of Financial Service Authority.

This Summary is made in English and Bahasa Indonesia, and in the event of inconsistency between the version, Bahasa Indonesia shall prevail.
Futures Contract
Futures Contract

Futures Contract


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Future Contract is a contract traded on a futures exchange to buy or sell a specific number of financial instruments in the future, at a certain price agreed between the parties that is legally binding. Futures contract transaction instrument refers to US Treasury Futures.

Capital gain potential when selling price is higher than buying price, and is one of the value protection strategy against INDON price fluctuation

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