Corporate Bonds

Bond investment solutions issued by national private companies

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Alternative investment for customers

Fixed Coupon

Regular coupon payments with a fixed coupon rate until maturity

Potential Capital Gains

Capital gain potential when selling price is greater than purchase price

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Transactions can be done at any time


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Terms and Condition
 • Corporate Bonds in IDR
 Minimum placement or re-sale per customer is IDR 50 mio with a multiple of IDR 10 mio
 • Corporate Bonds in USD
 Minimum placement or re-sale per customer is USD 10,000 with a multiple of USD 5,000

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There is no fee charged to customer for the first 2 year after the purchase of the bonds

For the 3rd year and next, customer will be charged with:
a. Corporate Bonds in IDR
Safekeeping fee: 0,05% per annum + PPN 10%
Transaction fee (sell/buy): Rp 25.000/ transaction +PPN 10%
b. Corporate Bonds in USD
Safekeeping fee: 0,055% per annum + PPN 10%
Transaction fee (sell/buy): USD45/ transaction +PPN 10%
 * The fees above apply at this time and are subject to change at any time by notification of this change by Bank OCBC NISP to investors through means deemed good by Bank OCBC NISP in accordance with the laws and applicable regulations

Other Information
I. Product Description
Corporate Bonds is an investment in the form of debt securities issued by private companies, state-owned enterprise (BUMN) or regional owned enterprise (BUMD)

II. Simulation

Customer purchases PLN27 IDR with a nominal value of IDR 200 million, at a premium price at 106.5, with coupon value at 8.5% p.a and quarterly coupon payments

The customer purchases the bonds in the middle of the coupon payment date. Therefore:
 • Coupon = (Rp 200.000.000 x 8,5%)/4 = Rp 4.250.000
 • Accrued interest has to be paid by customer due to customer purchases bonds in the middle of the coupon payment date = Rp 4.250.000/2 = Rp 2.125.000
 • Settlement value = (106.5/100 x Rp 200.000.000) + Rp 2.125.000 = Rp*
 (*) Not include the custodian fee and tax income (in accordance with the applicable regulations)

III. Risk of Product and Other Information
1. Credit Risk
Risk arises from defaults on bond issuers to fulfil their obligations (paying coupon or principal)
2. Market Risk
Risk arises due to variable movement in the market
3. Liquidity Risk
Risks associated with the flexibility of bonds to be converted into cash. The liquidity of corporate bonds in the secondary market is determined by the internal policy of the credit committee and regulatory policy (LLL).
4. Exchange Rate Risk
Exchange Rate Risk arises if the source of fund to purchase bonds is not the same with the bonds currency and the differences value occur when customer want to buy and sell the bonds. The risk arises only for the bonds with foreign exchange currency

IV. Facility / Channel

Transactions can be done at all Bank OCBC NISP branch offices

V. Complaint Procedure
Customers can submit complaints related to products through:
 1. Call OCBC NISP di 1500 – 999 (domestic call) atau 021-26506300 (overseas call)
 2. Contact Relationship Manager (RM)
 3. Email to
 4. Click

1. You hereby acknowledge that you have read, received explanation and understood the product and/or service as specified in this Summary of Product and/or Service Information (“Summary”) and have informed, understood and accepted any consequences of product and/or service including all inherent benefits, risks and costs.
2. You have to also understand that the product described in this Summary is not a Bank OCBC NISP product, Bank OCBC NISP only acts as selling agent and distributor of such product, thus Bank OCBC NISP does not guarantee and be responsible in any form for any result and performance of the product informed in this Summary.
Further, this Summary is only intended as an information and does not aim to be a basis for investment decisions. Past performance is not an indication of future performance. Any proposal documents for investment related products, must be studied further. Any projections, opinions or other statistical facts displayed in this information are only an indication and are not guaranteed in any form. You must determine your own decisions in accordance with the needs and investment strategies by considering legal, tax and accounting issues. Based on good intentions and moral responsibility, Bank OCBC NISP and each of its employees are not responsible for any direct or indirect losses, or as a consequence arising from the use of and dependence on this information in an investment decision.
3. Bank OCBC NISP reserves the right to reject your product and/or service application if it does not fulfil the requirements and the application of laws and regulations.
4. You have to carefully read this Summary and contact Bank OCBC NISP if there are further queries in respect of the product and/or service contained in this Summary.
5. This Summary has been adjusted to be in accordance with the provisions of regulations including the regulations of Financial Service Authority.
This Summary is made in English and Bahasa Indonesia, and in the event of inconsistency between the version, Bahasa Indonesia shall prevail.
PT Bank OCBC NISP Tbk terdaftar dan diawasi oleh OJK dan merupakan peserta penjamin LPS
Corporate Bonds
Corporate Bonds

Corporate Bonds


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Corporate Bonds is an investment in the form of debt securities issued by private companies, state-owned enterprise (BUMN) or regional owned enterprise (BUMD) where customers who invest will earn routine coupon payment at fixed coupon rate as agreed, until maturity date, and can be traded before maturity date with potential return from price movement (capital gain)

Transaction can be done at all OCBC NISP branch offices

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