Children's Education

The future of children is brilliant with good educational opportunities

Precise Planning

Plan the investment based on life priority

The Right Portfolio

Adjusted with life needs to get optimum result


Regular review for investment progress

Children's educational needs not accommodated

Only 38% of people in Indonesia have financial literacy. This means, about 62% of the total population still unable to manage finances properly.
Source: Indonesian Financial Literacy

Education in Indonesia Increases Every Year

Based on data from BPS, Indonesia's education inflation in 2020 is in the range of 3.8% per year.
Source: Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS)

Higher Education Digital Transformation is not a Temporary Trend

Digital transformation is a continuous process that promotes innovation in developing a learning environment.

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Atur gaji sambil investasi ST008


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Tapering mau dimulai, IHSG tembus 6,600


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Sudah Optimalkah Kinerja Portfolio Investasi Anda?


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Memahami Jenis Obligasi Pemerintah

Send your children to study abroad