ESGF Water & Wastewater Treatment

Financing solutions for sustainable water and wastewater treatment

Financing related to liquid waste handling

Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), Water Treatment Plants (WTP)

Structured Financing

Faster credit process

Flexible Collaterals

Can be tailored to business activities

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Financing solutions related to development:

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)
  • Water Treatment Plants (WTP)
  • Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)
  • Financing can be provided to:
    • Industrial Estate Company
    • Industrial Company in Industrial Estate
    • Industrial Company Outside the Industrial Estate
    • EPC contractor
  • Minimum 2 years of business in a similar field
  • Fulfilling permits in accordance with applicable regulations and provisions.
  • Open an escrow and operational account at OCBC NISP

Financing related to:

  • Ownership, Self-Constructed or Constructed with EPC Contractor Services and/or Renovations
  • Investment Scheme Build, Operate, Transfer
  • Purchase of Machines

Financing related to:

  • Financing for the Provision of Goods and Services to Fulfill Contracts by the Project Owner
  • Financing of Bills Derived from Fulfillment of Contracts with Project Owners
ESGF Water and Wastewater Treatment
ESGF Water and Wastewater Treatment

ESGF Water and Wastewater Treatment

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