Employee Welfare

A unified solution for the well-being of your company's employees

Payroll savings

Savings facility with many benefits specifically for your company's employees

Easy access to loan facilities

Flexible loan facilities according to customer needs

Financial education classes

Improve financial management skills through educational classes from Nyala

    Payroll Savings

    Cash Loan Payroll

    Ruang meNyala

Payroll Savings
Tabungan Payroll

Payroll Savings

  • 12 Currencies in 1 Account
  • No Transaction Fee
  • Competitive Foreign Exchange Rate
Cash Loan Payroll
KTA Payroll

Cash Loan Payroll

  • Repay Up to 4 years
  • Optional Life Insurance
  • Easy Approval

MeNYALA community

  • Join the community and get financial education from trusted sources
  • Free access to participate in Financial Fitness Class, check the nearest event schedule in IG@ruangmenyala

ruangmenyala.com Learning Platform

  • Enjoy a variety of information from articles, podcasts, videos, and various other interesting content

Financial Check up

  • Check your financial health indefinitely
  • Financial Fitness Consultation up to 6X meetings


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