Employee Payroll

Integrated payroll solutions with many advantages and benefits

Easy and fast account opening

Easy process and more value specifically for your employees

Management of payroll accounts via Velocity

Ease of payroll through OCBC NISP cash management digital system

Special cash rewards for companies in accordance with the applicable promo

Promotional program is valid according to the specified period

    Account Opening Information

    Salary Payment Media

    Programs and promotions

Enjoy various conveniences in opening an account:

  • Various options of opening methods tailored to the needs of your company
  • Fast and practical account opening process
  • Ease of opening an employee account, only represented by company representatives

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Ease in the process of payroll employee accounts, practical and automatic can be managed through the Velocity application


Comprehensive internet banking for your business transactions.

Velocity@ocbcnisp Mobile version

Integrated mobile banking application for business transactions.

Programs and promotions that apply specifically for companies that are members of ocbc nisp payroll service:

Cash Reward for Companies

Terms and conditions apply, and are subject to change at any time while following Bank OCBC NISP's internal policies

Frequently asked question about Payroll OCBC NISP

OCBC NISP payroll service is a service that can facilitate your company in the process of payroll payments to employees by transferring books from the company account to your employee account at OCBC NISP.

The following are the requirements for companies that want to join the service OCBC NISP payroll

  • Your company is an incorporated company
  • Signing a Cooperation agreement with Bank OCBC NISP
  • Opening an OCBC NISP Bank Account

Company deed, Company TIN, and other documents required by the Bank OCBC NISP.

The advantages obtained by the company include the following

  • Easy, fast, and comprehensive registration process
  • There are special staff from Bank OCBC NISP who will serve your company
  • Special promotional program available for your company, Promotional program follow the provisions applicable to Bank OCBC NISP

The benefits obtained by employees include the following:

  • Free Administration Fee*
  • Free Cash Withdrawal and Transfer Fees*
  • Can join loyalty program that applies to Bank OCBC NISP
  • Can enjoy the facilities available on One Mobile OCBC NISP

*follow the terms and conditions applicable to Bank OCBC NISP

Employee recitation method by transferring books from company accounts to employee accounts through theVelocity app. Velocity application is a web-based electronic banking system and mobile application to facilitate corporate customers in conducting banking transactions, both financial and non-financial transactions in real time and Online.

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