Business Smart

A business transaction solution with more than 10 currency options in 1 account

Various Currencies in 1 Account

Flexible to choose foreign currencies according to business needs

Low Initial Deposit

IDR 1 Million initial deposit

Affordable transaction fees

Enjoy easy transactions with affordable fees

Other Advantages


Complete Facilities

Easy transaction anytime anywhere with Velocity@ocbcnisp and Virtual Account

    Terms & Conditions

    Interest & Fees

    Product Information Summary

Required Documents

Required Documents Individual Corporate
Account Opening Application Form

Terms and Conditions

Business Smart or Business Signature Account Opening Statement Letter


Passport + Residence Permit Card (KIMS/KITAS)


Establishment Deed -
SK Amandement Deed (if any) -
Ministry of Justice Decree (SK Menkumham) -
Business License (SIUP) -
Company Registration Certificate (TDP) / (Foundation Registration Certificate (TDY) - for Foundation) -
Certificate of Business Domicile (SK Domisili) -
Permission from the competent authority -
Fee Jumlah Unit
Administration fee IDR 30,000.- per month
Fall below fee Free per month
Non-OCBC NISP ATM balance inquiry fee IDR 4,500.- per inquiry
Non-OCBC NISP ATM withdrawal fee IDR 8,000.- per withdrawal
Interbank transfer fee
IDR 6,500.- per online transfer
IDR 2,000.- per LLG (Internet/Mobile/Velocity)
IDR 2,900.- per LLG (Over the counter)
IDR 25,000.- per RTGS (Internet/Mobile/Velocity < 14:00 WIB)
IDR 30,000.- per RTGS (Over the counter)
Remittance fee IDR 100,000.- per TT
Chequebook order fee IDR 275,000.- per book
Card replacement fee IDR 20,000.- per replacement
Stamp duty fee IDR 10,000.-  per stamp
Account closure fee IDR 100,000.-  
Business Smart
Business Smart

Business Smart

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