Shipping Guarantee

Avoid port demurrage, pick up your goods in time

Good Reputation

Assurance of smooth bank guarantee issuance and acceptence


All Shipping Guarantee processes run by experienced staff

Competitive Fees

The fee of guarantee can be adjusted to business needs

Other Advantages


Same Day Processing

Release of goods become faster


Late Cut-off Time

Flexible transaction with cut-off time at 15.00

    Interest and Fee

Shipping Guarantee fee
USD 100

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News Update, Announcement

Fed preview: Hawkish tweaks


Announcement, News Update

Solid jobs won't sway dovish Fed


News Update, Announcement

Interest Rate the Fed seems faster growth? Speculation or reality?



TAYTB Moment 2020 Terms and Conditions

Guarantee issued by the Bank to be presented by the importer to shipping company or its agent for picking up goods arrived prior to the shipping documents

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