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Solution for business transactions both payments and receipt of funds

10 Currencies in 1 Account

Flexible to choose foreign currencies according to business needs

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Monitor account activity easily

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Faster business transactions via online

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TAYTB Moment 2020 Terms and Conditions

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    Required Documents

    Interest & Fees

Required Documents

Required Documents Individual Corporate
Account Request Form

ID Card/Passport

NPWP (Tax number)

Reference Letter

Certificate of Establishment and Amendments -
Business Trading License (SIUP/SITU/TDP) -
Ministry of Justice Decree -
Certificate of Business Domicile -
Fee Amount
 Administration fee  Rp 50,000.-  per month
 Fall below fee  Free  per month
 Non-OCBC NISP ATM balance inquiry fee Rp 4,500.-   per inquiry
 Non-OCBC NISP ATM withdrawal fee Rp 8,000.-   per withdrawal
 Interbank transfer fee
Rp 6,500.-   per online transfer
Rp 2,900.-   per LLG
Rp 35,000.-   per RTGS
 Remittance fee equiv. Rp 50.000,- (telex) + provisi 0,125% (min. USD 10, max. USD 150)
 per TT
 Chequebook order fee Rp 100,000.-   per book
 Card replacement fee Rp 20,000.-   per replacement
 Stamp duty fee Rp 6,000.-   per stamp
 Account closure fee Rp 25,000.-   

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Solution for business transactions both payments and receipt of funds