E-commerce industry specific solutions for smooth sales processes and online transactions of goods

Specific solutions for businesses in the field of E-Commerce:

  • Business transactions through Velocity@ocbcnisp including ease of treasury activities.
  • Financing facilities for merchants for the sustainability of stock of goods.
  • Support cooperation with partners for warehousing and delivery of products.
  • Connect with Bank partners to set up online sales.

  • Business Expansion
  • Manage Funds
  • Regional Network
  • Digital Business

Product & Export services

Trade transaction support services for sellers/exporters:

  • Advising LC
  • Confirm LC
  • Transfer LC
  • Outward Documentary Collection
  • Financing for export transactions

Product & Import services

Transaction support services for buyers/importers:

  • LC issuance
  • Inward Documentary Collection
  • Financing for import transactions

Other Trade Finance Services

Trade transaction support services:

  • Issuance of SBLC/Demand Guarantee
  • Issuance of shipping guarantee on LC issued by Bank

Current Account

Current Account with various features and benefits for operational banking transactions.

  • Single currency or multicurrency account options are available
  • Competitive interest
  • Low administration and transaction fees
  • 1 account to accommodate operational funds and credit relations.
  • Easy transactions from Velocity Web & Mobile


Optimal development of funds with high deposit yields.

  • Flexible timeout
  • Automatic renewal
  • More than 5 currency options

Payment and Collection

Solutions for financial transactions both payments and receipts from business activities.

  • Remittance
  • Bulk Payment
  • Tax Payment & Payroll
  • Virtual Account
  • SKN Direct Debit
  • Cash Pick Up &Delivery

Regional OCBC NISP Network Access

We connect you to the OCBC NISP Customer network to meet your export import business needs.

  • Partner cooperation
  • Access to OCBC NISP Regional network
  • Local Currency Settlement for purchasing Health equipment from China.

Velocity Web

Digital solutions for efficient and effective banking transactions, anywhere and anytime

  • Lower transaction fees
  • Longer transaction time limit
  • Security system with encryption technology
  • Organization ID, User ID & Password as login access control
  • Various of users access

Velocity Mobile

Integrated digital solutions in mobile applications with Velocity Web Version for easy transactions in mobility

  • Transfer funds easily
  • Payment of bills and taxes
  • Monitor account activity
  • Buy and sell foreign exchange with real-time rates
  • Authorize all transactions through the app

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