Industry specific solutions for education from schools, campuses / universities to formal and non-formal educational institutions.

Specific solutions for businesses in Education

  • Ease of reconciliation of student tuition.
  • Financing facilities for the development of educational facilities.
  • System integration for easy payment and receipt with API and host to Host.

  • Business Expansion
  • Manage Funds
  • Digital Business

Clinic Financing

Financing facility for clinic development starting from IDR 500 million with competitive interest rate.

  • Clinic Equipment
  • Property for Clinic
  • Rent a place for the Clinic
  • Clinic Renovation

Healthcare Financing

Special financing facilities with competitive guarantees for:

  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacy/Pharmacy
  • Supplier/Distributor of Medical Devices
  1. Investment Financing
    • Purchase/Refinancing of Medical Equipment
      For the purchase or refinancing of non-consumable medical equipment.
    • Healthcare Property
      Land ownership / take over of buildings along with health facilities / infrastructure.
    • Healthcare Renovation
      Renovation of the building along with health facilities /infrastructure.
  2. Working Capital
    • For Hospitals
      Purchase of capital goods/medical devices that are consumables (Inventory).
    • For Medical Device Distributors/ Suppliers
      Purchase of capital goods/medical devices that are consumable and/or non-consumable.

BPJS Financing

It is a financing to hospitals /hospitals (Health Facilities) for the Procurement of Health Services in the context of providing Health insurance to the Community by BPJS Kesehatan.

  • The Bank collaborates with BPJS Kesehatan as the Bank's business partner, providing special financing for hospitals covered by BPJS Kesehatan.
  • Hospital (RS) customers can apply for accelerated payment of hospital bills to BPJS at the Bank.

Current Account

Current Account with various features and benefits for operational banking transactions.

  • 1 Account with 13 Currencies
  • Competitive interest
  • Low administration and transaction fees
  • Easy transactions from Velocity Web & Mobile

Virtual Account

Payment of student tuition fees to student semester fees is even easier with the Virtual Account solution.

  • Easier and faster reconciliation
  • Directly incoming funds to current account
  • Practical and efficient. Payments from students can be made in many channels: ATM, mobile banking, internet banking.


Employee salary payment management

  • Available in bulk upload
  • Transaction scheduling
  • Effective and efficient

Payment Gateaway

Bank partner support for payment gateways that can be applied to Clinic and Hospital businesses for easy payment from customers/patients

  • Wide selection of online payment methods
  • Faster transactions completed
  • Safer and more secure transaction security system
  • Transactions can be made en masse at one time

Online Business Enabler

Bank partner support to help migrate offline to online sales specifically for the retail healthcare industry

  • Online goods sales channels
  • Stock management and delivery of goods with integrated systems

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