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Codelympic is an annual coding competition held by OCBC NISP to celebrate young Indonesian technology talents out there

Why you should join Codelympic 2022?

The winners of Codelympic will get:

  • Prizes and gadget:
    1. Winner: Rp20.000.000,- and Microsoft Surface Laptop
    2. 1st Runner Up: Rp15.000.000,-, Apple Pro Headphone (AirPods Max), and Mechanical Keyboard
    3. 2nd Runner Up: Rp10.000.000,-, Monitor 24 Inches Monitor, and Mechanical Keyboard
  • Opportunity to pursue your career as an IT talent in OCBC NISP

Codelympic 2022 winners decision is final, determined by solely the acting judges, and cannot be influenced by any third parties

Competition stage and timeline:

  1. 10 January 2022
    Open Registration.

  2. 11 February 2022
    Codelympic 2022 registration closed.

  3. 25 February 2022
    First Round Release.

  4. 28 February 2022
    First Round Submission Deadline.

  5. 4 March 2022
    Top 20 Announcement at Instagram @Connekt.ON.

  6. 11 March 2022
    Top 20 question release.

  7. 14 March 2022
    Top 20 submission deadline.

  8. 18 Maret 2022
    Winner announcement via online.

Codelympic 2022 winners decision is final, determined by solely the acting judges, and cannot be influenced by any third parties

I want to be a CODELYMPIAN!


  1. Codelympic 2022 is open to all Indonesian students who are enthusiastic about IT and have knowledge or experience in the field, both active students and those who have worked for a maximum 2 years.
  2. The Codelympic Competition is a coding competition where participants must solve the problems/question as per the given online in each round.
  3. Each participant will compete individually.

How to register:

  1. Fill in the data requested on the registration form
  2. Must collect additional data in the form of the latest CV that matches the registered identity.
  3. Registration will be open on 10 January 2022.
  4. The date for filling out the first round is 25 February 2022.

Codelympic 2022 winners decision is final, determined by solely the acting judges, and cannot be influenced by any third parties

  1. Q: What is Codelympic 2022?
    A: Codelympic is an annual coding and programming competition held by OCBC NISP to find the best developers. In this event, you will compete with fellow developers individually and work on questions from OCBC NISP.
  2. Q: Why I should join Codelympic Competition 2022?
    A: By participating in Codelympic competition, you have the opportunity to win gadget and cash prizes, and get the opportunity to have a career at OCBC NISP through the banking academy and CRAYON Internship.
  3. Q: Is there a registration fee?
    A: No. OCBC NISP do not charge any fees related to the Codelympic Competition 2022.
  4. Q: If I have participated in a Codelympic competition before, can I participate again?
    A: It is possible, provided you meet all the requirements and are not an employee or OCBC NISP ex-employee.
  5. Q : If on the day I am unable to join the competition, can I reschedule or be represented by my friend?
    A: Work on the questions must be done alone and may not be represented by any other party. Please work on the questions according to a predetermined schedule. If there is a schedule change, there will be an announcement from OCBC NISP. Apart from that, there is no rescheduling.
  6. Q: When working on the coding criteria questions, what kind of coding are you looking for?
    A: The coding answers we are looking for are the right ones in solving structured and effective problems. For more information, please check the assessment criteria section.
  7. Q: Where participants will work on the questions of Codelympic 2022?
    A: Participants will be sent an email containing a link to work on the questions by the OCBC NISP later. The link will direct participants to the Hackerrank page. Make sure you already have an account and register yourself according to the data filled in on the registration form.
  8. Q: Can my application be rejected?
    A: If there is data that is not appropriate or it is proven that the background of the prospective participant is not from IT, there is a possibility that you will not pass the first screening and will not be allowed to continue your journey in Codelympic 2022. Therefore, make sure to fill in the data correctly and responsibly.
  9. Q: Why I have not received the link until the processing date?
    A: Following the points above, applicants who do not pass the screening will not be notified further. Applicants who pass will be sent a question link on the release date of the question. Please check all folders in your inbox (All Mail, Junk, Spam, Social, Promotion) to make sure.
  10. Q: If I become a winner, will I be accepted for a career at OCBC NISP?
    A: Every participant who wins the title of champion has the opportunity to have a career at OCBS NISP, but still has to go through a series of mandatory processes.
  11. Q: Where can I register and what are the things needed to register?
    A: You can register via the link, do not forget to prepare a scan of your ID and CV. To register, just click once. All personal data we receive is stored securely and confidentially.
  12. Q: Is there anything else that participants need to pay attention?
    A: To complete information about Codelympic 2022 can be found in the terms and conditions of Codelympic 2022. As for updates on Codelympic 2022, please follow our official Instagram at @Connekt.ON
  13. Q: Who can I contact if I have any other questions?
    A: If you have any other questions, you can contact us via email

Codelympic 2022 winners decision is final, determined by solely the acting judges, and cannot be influenced by any third parties


Let's join Codelympic by OCBC NISP