Sekarang Hadir di Jakarta!

Tempat Gym Yang Bisa Bikin Cuan!
Cove@Batavia No 16, PIK

Do you want to have strong financial muscles?

Come over to Financial Fitness Gym located Cove at Batavia PIK!
There you can start strengthening your financial muscles so that you can become #FinanciallyFit and try to keep your finances healthy!
There are so many things to start with such as doing your Financial Fitness Check Up, getting Financial Consultation, attending Financial Fitness Class
and so much more!

Don't miss the fun, Sobat Nyala!

Here are 7 fun things at the Financial Fitness Gym that you can enjoy!

Find Out Your Financial Condition By Doing Financial Fitness Check Up

Like physical health, your financial health also needs to be checked! In just 3 minutes, you'll know the steps you need to take to become #FinanciallyFit!

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Free 1-on-1 Consultation with Nyala Trainer

Whatever your goals and financial problems, make a financial plan with NYALA Fitness Trainer. Free consultation for those of you who have done Financial Fitness Check Up.

Join Various Financial Fitness Class

Learn together with others in our Financial Fitness Classes which discuss various topics from financial issues supported by comprehensive solutions according to your financial condition.

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Cuan Cat Vending Machine

Win various exciting prizes at Cuan Cat Vending Machine. You can also buy snacks and fun items with Rp.1 !

FFG Official Merchandise Store

  • Get a collection of various exclusive official merchandise from FFG! Discounts up to 30% for payments using Debit Card, Credit Card and QRIS OCBC NISP
  • Valid until 31 Dec 2022

First Crack Coffee Special Promotions and Menu

Indulge in special curated menus from First Crack Coffee such as Nyala Coffee, Coffee Mocktail, Coffee Slurpee and Crobu. Save up to 50% for payments using Debit Card, Credit Card and QRIS OCBC NISP

Financial Fitness Gym Rooftop Session (19 Nov - 17 Dec 2022)

Enjoy live music every Saturday at 17.30 WIB after you join Financial Fitness Class. An enjoyable way to enjoy the sunset!

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