Nyala X ShopeeFood: Free e-Voucher Up to IDR500.000

1 May 2023 - 1 Apr 2024

Join Nyala OCBC NISP & get Shopee or Shopee Food e-voucher up to IDR 500.000

Promo Code


Use this promo code on ONe Mobile App (Android and iOS)

Terms & Conditions:

  1. This program only eligible for new customer of Nyala OCBC NISP.
  2. Succeed in regsitering Nyala account and verification (KYC) on ONe Store website or ONe Mobile App.
  3. Input promo code 'ONXSHOPEE' or 'ONXSHOPEEFOOD' while doing the registration.
  4. You will be eligible to get E-voucher up to IDR300.000 if already put fund placement within 7 days after the date of opening Nyala account with conditions:
    • minimum of IDR1.000.000 for E-voucher worth IDR150.000.
    • minimum of IDR2.000.000 for E-voucher IDR300.000.
    • Keep the balance of inital placement minimum 14 Days.
    • Do minimum 1x transaction of payment or purchasing (top-up e-money, pulse, electricity, etc.) on ONe Mobile App.
  5. You will be eligible to get additional E-voucher worth IDR200.000 if within 15 days of opening Nyala Account, you open Deposit or Term Savings (TAKA) with conditions:
    • For Deposit: minimum placement of IDR10.000.000 with minimum tenor of 3, 6, or 12 months.
    • For TAKA: minimum placement of IDR10.000.000 with minimum tenor of 3, 6 or 12 months.
  6. E-Voucher code will be sent to the customer's registered e-mail in Nyala account at the end of the month in the following month after all program terms and conditions are met.
  7. Shopee e-vouchers are only valid 1x (one time) on the Shopee website/application.
  8. Shopee e-vouchers are non-refundable.
  9. Shopee e-vouchers with promo code ONXSHOPEE are valid for purchasing all products on the Shopee website/application, except:
    • Vouchers (Top Credit, Data, Gaming, Travel & Touch), Shopping, Event Tickets, Shopee Pay Merchants).
    • Top up (Top up, Data Package, e-money, Roaming).
    • Bills (Electricity PLN, BPJS, Telkom, PDAM, Postpaid, Installment Credit).
    • Tickets (Train, Plane, Bus).
    • Entertainment (Game Vouchers, Deals Around You, Event & Entertainment Tickets).
    • Donations & Finance (Donations, Zakat, Capital Loans).
    • ShopeeFood.
    • All Financial Products.
    • Shopee Gifts.
  10. Shopee e-vouchers with promo code ONXSHOPEEFOOD are only valid for purchases through the shopeefood menu.
  11. valid for 2 (two) months since received by the Customer and cannot be extended.
  12. The use of Shopee E-vouchers includes vouchers or other promotional codes that are currently running on the Shopee website/application.
  13. The BANK has the right not to process the awarding of Vouchers to customers who, based on OCBC NISP's assessment, indicated fraud by opening an account and or being included in the fraud list of BANK OCBC NISP.
  14. The name of the owner of the initial deposit fund account must match the name registered in the OCBC NISP system.
  15. Only 1 (one) device / cellphone is allowed to take part in this program.
  16. The BANK has the right to change the provisions of the promotion program which will be notified by OCBC NISP in any form and through any media.
  17. BANK and PARTNER have the right to determine customers who are entitled to receive e-vouchers based on the terms and conditions that apply.
  18. BANK and PARTNER have the right to cancel the transaction if fraud is found against the applicable terms and conditions.
  19. By participating in this program, customers are deemed to understand and agree to all applicable terms and conditions related to the promotional program for opening an account via ONe Store and ONe Mobile with a PARTNER E-voucher prize.
  20. This program is provided based on transaction data owned by the BANK and the BANK's decisions are final and binding.
  21. ONe Store and ONe Mobile by PT Bank OCBC NISP, Tbk are registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority and are participants in the Deposit Insurance Corporation guarantee.
  22. For further explanation regarding account opening, customers can contact Ask OCBC NISP at 150999.

Flow-Opening Nyala OCBC NISP account

  • Via the ONe Store OCBC NISP Website:
    1. Only valid for new customers.
    2. Register for One OCBC NISP through the ONe Store website with the link: ocbcnisp.id/onxshopee or ocbcnisp.id/onxshopeefood
    3. Select 'Submit Product'.
    4. Select 'Create a Savings Account'.
    5. Select the 'On' service.
    6. Enter Promo Code: ONXSHOPEE or ONXSHOPEEFOOD.
    7. Follow the steps to create a new account in the ONe Mobile application.
    8. Follow the program Terms and Conditions to get PARTNER E-vouchers.
  • Via the ONe Mobile Application:
    1. Download the ONe Mobile by OCBC NISP application.
    2. Select 'Create OCBC NISP Account'.
    3. Select the 'On' Service then 'Open an Account'.
    4. Enter Promo Code: ONXSHOPEE or ONXSHOPEEFOOD.
    5. Follow the steps to create a new account.
    6. Follow the program Terms and Conditions to get PARTNER E-vouchers.

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