Open Nyala on ONe Mobile

1 Feb 2021 - 30 Jun 2021

Cashback up to IDR 250,000 Awaits, Open Nyala Account on ONe Mobile!

Easy steps to get Cashback up to IDR250,000 from Nyala:

  1. Download ONe Mobile app
  2. Select "Open OCBC NISP Account"
  3. Choose "Create OCBC NISP Account"
  4. Choose "Nyala Service" then "Create Account"
  5. Insert promo code: "NYALA250"
  6. Follow all the new account onboarding steps on ONe Mobile: open account, verification via video call, and first deposit
  7. Get Cashback up to IDR 250,000 with fund placement and product opening based on the applied T&C
  8. Valid only for new customers of Bank OCBC NISP


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Customer can get cashback up to IDR250,000 with T&C as follow:
    1. Cashback of IDR10,000 will be credited directly to customer's IDR account after meeting the requirements below:
      1. Successfully register their Nyala account (including completing the video call verification)
      2. Top up minimum of IDR 1,000,000 as an initial deposit within 14 days of the account opening
      3. Maintain the balance of IDR 1,000,000 for at least 30 days after the account opening date
      4. Have 1x transaction of Payment/Purchase on ONe Mobile app (e.g. top up e-wallet, purchase mobile data, etc.) within the same month of the account opening
      5. Cashback will be disbursed the latest on the 30th or 31st of the following month after the account opening date
        Date of Succesful Account Opening & First Deposit Cashback will be received, the latest by
        1-28 February 2021 31 March 2021
        1-31 March 2021 30 April 2021
        1-30 April 2021 31 May 2021
        1-31 May 2021 30 June 2021
        1-30 June 2021 31 July 2021
    2. Additional cashback of IDR 150,000 will be credited to the customer’s IDR account if customer has also opened one of the following products
      • TAKA (Tabungan Berjangka), such as:
        • TAKA Interest, TAKA Fix Interest, TAKA Reward with minimum target placement of IDR 5,000,000 within 1 year OR
        • TAKA Fix Installment, minimum IDR 420,000 per month and tenor at least 1 year, with successful first deposit
      • RDB (Reksa Dana Berjangka) minimum tenor of 12 months, with successful auto-debit:
        • If daily RDB, minimum IDR 20,000/day
        • If weekly RDB, minimum IDR 100,000/week
        • If monthly RDB, minimum IDR 400,000/month
    3. Time Deposit, minimum of IDR 10 mio with tenor 3, 6 or 12 months;
    4. Product opening should be completed the latest by the end of the following month after the account opening.
      Illustration: Customer opens Nyala account on 10 February 2021, product opening should be done the latest by 31 March 2021 to be eligible for the cashback. Reward will be distributed the latest on 30 April 2021;
      Date of Successful Account Opening Max. Date to Open New Product Cashback Disbursement
      1–28 February 2021 31 March 2021 30 April 2021
      1-31 March 2021 30 April 2021 31 May 2021
      1-30 April 31 May 2021 30 June 2021
      1-31 May 30 June 2021 31 July 2021
      1-30 June 31 July 2021 31 August 2021
  2. Cannot be combined with other promos
  3. By following this program, Customer has agreed and understood the T&C regarding the account opening cashback promo program of Nyala via ONe Mobile
  4. Cashback is given based on the customer transactional data owned by Bank OCBC NISP, and all decisions made on behalf of OCBC NISP is final & legally binding.

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