Refer Your Partner

1 Jan 2020 - 31 Dec 2020

Refer your partner and get attractive gifts

  • Referrer understands and agrees to join OCBC NISP Refer Your Partner Program (Member Get Member).
  • Referrer can guarantees the data of references are correct and has been known by the person as reference.
  • Referrer allows OCBC NISP to contact the reference name and notify the referrer name when contacting the prospective customer referenced for the purpose of opening OCBC NISP Giro account.

Terms and Conditions Program:

  • Program Period 1 January 2020 - 31 December 2020.
  • Eligible referrer are OCBC NISP customers or as employees/working in companies as customer of OCBC NISP.
  • Referrer will get e-voucher worth IDR 500,000 for each successful reference who open non-individuals Giro account in accordance with the applicable provisions.
  • The referenced party has never had an OCBC NISP Current Account before and must be maintains average balance for 3 months with minimum balance of IDR 75,000,000 and account status is active.
  • If the reference is prospective for individual customer, referral data will be forwarded to participate in Individual Member Get Member Program (T&C Program will be following Individual Program)
  • The referrer hereby free up OCBC NISP from any kind of claims and from any party in related to the data and information submitted in the reference form.
  • Bank OCBC NISP has the right and authority to change, add and/or reduce the terms and conditions of program with written notification at OCBC NISP's office or other media determined by OCBC NISP subject to the applicable laws and regulations.
  • The referrer hereby declares has read, understood, agreed and willing to comply and bound by the terms and conditions program, OCBC NISP procedures regarding to Program, including all applicable provisions, laws and regulations.
  • The terms and conditions program have been adjusted to the regulations of Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK).

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