Bos Alan (Bonus Akhir Bulan)

25 Sep 2020 - 2 Nov 2020

BOS ALAN berlaku untuk pembelian Paket Freedom U tertentu melalui ONe Mobile

  1. BOS ALAN applied for purchasing of Freedom U particular package through ONe Mobile
  2. Customers will get notification message from Indosat for Ekstra Quota that received
  3. Ekstra Quota 10GB will be given directly (realtime) after successful transaction to phone number that has purchased particular Freedom U package via ONe Mobile
  4. That phone number will get notification message of Ekstra Quota that received, if notification message has not received yet, customers can check their own phone balance
  5. Customers can get Ekstra Quota for 1 (one) time only for 1 (one) purchase from 1 (one) phone number in 1 (one) day
  6. Related on Confidential Informations (bank user's phone number) will only be usd for program and not for any other purpose

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