Flash Deal - EXTRACUAN di ONe Mobile

10 Nov 2020 - 11 Nov 2020

  • Upgrade Nyala Bisnis and Nyala Individu
  • Refer A Friend
    Extra Cuan up to Million Rupiah

  1. Upgrade to Nyala Bisnis

    Enjoy the following benefits:

    • Two separate accounts in one service
      Manage personal and business transactions to be more leverage

    • Free transactions fee
      50x interbank transfer via echannel
      50x clearing deposit in Branches
      50x cash withdrawal at ATM Prima, ATM Bersama, and ATM OCBC Singapore
      Extra! If your assets are more than IDR 50 mio, Free 3x RTGS via e-channel.

    Digital Solution from Nyala Bisnis

    Various facilities and benefits to help you to optimize your business, such as Online Accounting Software and Online Shop Website. Check here for more business solution: https://www.taytb.com/nyala/bisnis/privileges

    Easy Steps to Upgrade to Nyala Bisnis?
    • Log in ONe Mobile
    • Click "Open New Account"
    • Click "Nyala Bisnis" to upgrade
    Terms to Join with NYALA Bisnis :
    • Have one type of account, either a current account or savings account.
    • As a benefit, customers will have 2 accounts at the same time Current Account and Savings Account. If one of the accounts is not yet owned by the customer, the customer will automatically create a savings / current account. Tanda 360 Plus for saving account or Giro Business Smart for current accounts.

  2. Refer A Friend via ONe Mobile
    Get Extra Cuan up to Million Rupiah, for everytime you successfully refer friends/family to open Nyala in OCBC NISP start from IDR 1 mio

    Steps to Refer a Friend via ONe Mobile
    • Log in ONe Mobile
    • Choose “Refer A Friend” menu
    • Choose “Refer My Friend”
    • Then share link to your friend or family from your social media account
    Terms and Conditions:
    1. Referral must be new customers that has never joined with OCBC NISP yet and should be fresh fund.
    2. Reward will be credited if the referral has successfully joined on given services and do the fund placement maximum at the end of the next month since account opening month with following calculation:
      Service Minimum TRB Cashback
      Nyala IDR1.000.000 IDR50.000
      Nyala Bisnis / Nyala Individu IDR25.000.000 IDR150.000
      Premier Banking IDR500.000.000 IDR500.000
    3. Reward will be given in the form of cashback and in nett amount
    4. Reward will be credited to customer's Tanda 360 Plus account at least on fourth week in the next month since month of scheme fulfillment
    5. Program's Terms and Conditions might be changed at any time and will be informed to customers by Bank OCBC NISP
  3. Upgrade ke Nyala Individu
    Enjoy the following benefits:
    Free transactions fee
    • 50x interbank transfer via e-channel
    • 50x payment/purchase transactions via e-channel
    • 50x cashwithdrawal at ATM Prima, Bersama, dan OCBC Singapore
    Cashback up to IDR 50 ribu per month
    For Customer with minimum TRB of IDR 25mio and make 1x purchase/payment transaction via ONe Mobile

    Relationship Manager for your financial consultation suppor
    Easy steps to Upgrade to Nyala Individu
    • Log in ONe Mobile
    • Click "Open New Account"
    • Click Nyala Individu to upgrade
    How customer upgrade to Nyala Individu and what terms that should be fulfilled?
    • Minimum total assets of IDR 25 mio to enjoy all benefits
    • Have saving product
    • Open TAKA product on the month of joining Nyala Individu

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