Get 50% Cash Rebate with Online Debit Mastercard

1 Jan 2021 - 31 Mar 2021

Get 50% cash rebate for minimum transaction of IDR 100,000 with Online Debit Mastercard

Terms and conditions:
  1. Use Online Debit Mastercard in ONe Mobile with maximum Cash Rebate IDR50,000
  2. Not valid for physical cards: GPN, VISA and Mastercard
  3. One customer only has one opportunity to get the prize during program period
  4. Minimum IDR100,000 for 1 transaction in 1 Online Debit Mastercard
  5. If the customer has more than 1 online debit card, no merger or accumulation applies
  6. The prize will be given to the customer in the next 4 weeks of the month (calculated from the month the customer transacts)
  7. Valid for new and existing customers who have never transacted in e-commerce during 2021 using OCBC NISP online debit
  8. Program Period January 1st – March 31st 2020


Q: Mr. Ali has 3 (three) Online Debit cards, and has not had any e-commerce transaction during 2020, on November 22nd made a purchase using debit card A worth for IDR. 50,000,- and on November 4th made another purchase worth for Rp. 75.000,- using debit card B. The total transactions worth for IDR125,000,- . Are these conditions eligible for customers?

A: This transaction is not eligible, because customer’s transaction is less than IDR.100,000,- per card.

Q: Mr. Anton has 2 (two) Online Debit cards and has not had any e-commerce transaction during 2020, on November 28th made a transaction worth for IDR125,000,- using Debit card A and in December made a transaction worth for IDR200,000,- using Debit card C. Is Mr. Anton eligible to join this program? And do both of November and December transactions are counted?

A: Mr. Anton is eligible to participate in this program and the transaction that will be taken into account is the November’s transaction. For transaction in December, is not entitled to join the program because 1 customer only has one opportunity

Q: rs. Ani made an online debit transaction in November 2020 worth for IDR100,000,- . When will Bu Ani get the cash rebate prize worth for IDR50,000,- ?

A: Cash rebate prize will be got the 4th week of January 2021

Q: Customers make an e-commerce transaction, then failed and filed an objection. It turns out that the customer is using OCBC NISP Mastercard physical card, why is that?

A: Because for online transaction in e-commerce can only be made by using OCBC NISP Online Debit Card

Q: What if the customer has more than one relationship account?

A: If the customer has more than 1 (one) account then cash rebate will be credited to the account that is the relationship of the online Debit Card that is entitled to join the program

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