Cashback for Gasoline, Restaurant and Supermarket Transactions

12 Feb 2021 - 28 Feb 2021

Cashback 10% + Addtional Cashback Up To IDR 150.000

Cashback 10% for Gas Station,Supermarket & Restaurant Categories + Addtional Cashback Up To IDR 150.000 with the following mechanism:

  1. Cashback 10% diperhitungkan dari transaksi di kategori SPBU, Restaurant & Supermarket diseluruh dunia
  2. Minimum transaction IDR 350.000/swipe for each category
  3. Maximum cashback IDR 50.000 given once during the promo period
  4. The cashback value is given on a per customer basis ("customer")
  5. Cashback Table

    Kategori % Cashback Minimum Transaksi/Swipe Maksimum Cashback Dan Maksimum Akumulasi Transaksi Ritel di Periode Promo Tambahan Cashback
    Rp5.000.000 Rp50.000
    Restaurant Rp50.000
    Rp10.000.000 Rp100.000
    Supermarket Rp50.000
    Rp15.000.000 Rp150.000

    1. Transaction that are taken into account :
      Accumulation of total retail spending transactions (online or at stores / merchants) during the promo period including transactions in Gas Stations, Restaurants and Supermarkets
    2. Transaksi yang tidak diperhitungkan :
      • Cash withdrawal transaction (cash advance)
      • Credit Card installment transaction
      • Monthly bill payments that are routine are made every month
      • Fee & Charges Credit Card (annual fees, late fees, and other fees)

    Credit Cardholders are required to send a claim SMS at the end of the promo period in the SMS format referred to in the table below using the mobile number registered in the Bank OCBC NISP system.

    SMS Ke Format SMS
    6477 OCBCNISP(spasi)CNY(spasi)tanggal lahir ddmmyy #4 angka akhir no. kartu kredit
    Contoh: OCBCNISP CNY 270488#3456

    Detail Claim Time

    Periode Transaksi Periode Claim Cashback Periode Pengkreditan Cashback
    12 - 14 Feb 2021 12 s.d 20 Feb 2021 Selambat-lambatnya 31 Maret 2021

    At the time of crediting Cashback, the OCBC NISP Credit Card must be active (not blocked or closed)

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