Buy Data XL Package Bonus GrabFood Voucher up to IDR105,000

7 Feb 2021 - 30 Mar 2021

Buy Data Xl Package Bonus GrabFood Voucher up to IDR105,000 for every purchase of XTRA Combo & XTRA Combo VIP Data Package starting from IDR89,000 on ONe Mobile

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Program period: February 7 to March 30, 2021
  2. Only valid for XL number (not valid for AXIS number)
  3. Bonus are given as follows:

    XTRA Combo 10GB+10GB, 30days IDR 89.000 15.000
    XTRA Combo 15GB+15GB, 30days IDR 129.000 25.000
    XTRA COMBO 20GB + 20GB, 30days IDR 179.000 50.000
    XTRA COMBO 35GB + 35GB, 30days IDR 239.000 100.000

  4. GrabFood Voucher Bonus will be given/top up on H+1 with a maximum of H+3 working days (maximum 3 working days after the data package is successfully toped up in the customer number) for transactions through the Participating Bank's channel
  5. The validity period of GrabFood voucher bonus since receipt of voucher code follows the table as follows:

    Batch Xtracombo purchase in the promo period of the month Validity period Grab vouchers up to
    1 February 7th – 27th 2021 February 28th 2021
    2 February 28th – March 30th 2021 March 31st 2021

  6. Bonus voucher can be used to order food in food category on Grab app.
  7. 1 MSISDN is entitled to get a maximum of 2x bonus GrabFood Voucher in purchasing XTRA COMBO And XTRA COMBO VIP Data Package within 1 day.
  8. GrabFood Voucher Bonus is valid for successful data package purchase transactions and will be given after successful purchase.
  9. For data package purchase with suspend/suspect status have the opportunity to get GrabFood voucher bonus if suspend/suspect status gets successful confirmation from XL 
  10. GrabFood voucher bonus is not valid for failed data package purchase transactions.
  11. Customer will receive a notification SMS containing a GrabFood voucher code.
  12. All information related to this Program can be submitted to contact your mobile phone to XL Customer Services at 817 or read the complete information on the

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