CASBACK UP TO IDR 1 Million - Cashback Seru

1 May 2021 - 31 Jul 2021

CASBACK UP TO IDR 1 MILLION - Restaurant, Lifestyle and Online Transaction

Terms & Condition

  1. Valid for OCBC NISP Titanium, Platinum & Voyage credit cards
  2. Program period: 1 May – 31 July 2021
  3. Requirements & Steps to get Cashback:

    1. Total retail transaction per month IDR 5 Million and minimum 10 times transactions per month
    2. Cashback is only calculated for transaction in Restaurant, Lifestyle and Online categories

      Table 1. Retail transaction & percentage of cashback

      Total retail transaction and number of transaction credit card per month/customer % Cashback from transaction total from category: Restaurant, Lifestyle, Online Maximum amount Cashback/customer
      IDR 5 Million – IDR 10 Million and Minimum 10 times of transaction 5% IDR 100,000
      >IDR 10 Million – IDR 25 Million 10% IDR 250,000
      >IDR 25 Million – IDR 50 Million 15% IDR 500,000
      >IDR 50 Million 20% IDR 1,000,000

    3. Cardholder must do claim reward via SMS when customer have meet the criteria on Table 1. Above to 6477 with format:
      SMS Format

      OCBCNISP(spasi)CASHBACKSERU(space) date of birth ddmmyy#4 last digits of Credit Card Number

      Contoh: OCBCNISP CASHBACKSERU 010377#1234

      Ensure handphone number for SMS claim is the same as registered at system Bank OCBC NISP.

  4. Cashback related to categories account for the program:
    • Restaurant means all transactions made at restaurants (except Food & Beverages transactions via E-wallet application such as DANA, OVO, Shopee etc).
    • Lifestyle means all transactions made at fashion store, boutique store, department store, optic store that accept with credit card payment.
    • Online means transaction retail made online via internet network that accept credit card payment.

  5. Transactions account for the program:

    • All retail transactions made online and offline at merchant that accept credit card payment.
    • Initial installment transaction (not amount of installment billed every month)

    Transactions does not account for the program:

    • Credited transaction during month of program
    • Cash Advance transactions
    • Routine bill payment transactions
    • Credit card monthly installments
    • Credit card fee & charges (annual fee, late charges, other fees)

  6. Table 2. Period of Claim

    Transaction period


    Cashback Claim period

    (via SMS)

    Cashback Credited period

    1-31 May'21 until 5 June'21 until 31 July'21
    1-30 June'21 until 5 July'21 until 30 August'21
    1-31 July'21 until 5 August'21 until 30 September'21

    When cashback is credited, the OCBC NISP credit card status must be active (not blocked or closed)

    Terms of Casback Credited:

    • Cashback reward will be credited into customer's billing statement according to period that listed in Table 2.

General Term & Conditions

  1. For information for program detail, contact TANYA 1500999
  2. OCBC NISP Bank has the right to change, reduce, or add Terms and Conditions for this program from time to time by making announcement at OCBC NISP Bank Offices
  3. Terms and conditions of this program is a unity that cannot be separated from the Credit Card Terms and Condition that applies at OCBC NISP Bank including all provisions of regulations and laws and regulations applicable in the Republic of Indonesia
  4. Bank OCBC NISP is registered and overseen by the Financial Services Authority
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