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1 Apr 2021 - 31 Mar 2022

Buy 1 Year Get 3 Months Free

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Valid for OCBC NISP Online Debit/Credit Card
  2. Valid for any kind of packages
  3. Vaid for 1 (one) card, 1 time transaction/ day/ customer
  4. Promo code: OCBCVIDIO
  5. Cannot be combined with other promo
Individual Online Payday Online Debit Card Voyage Credit Card Titanium Credit Card Platinum Credit Card

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Online Debit Card

Online Debit Card

  • Pay Easy Bills
  • Practically Just Click
  • Adjust the Limit at will
Voyage Credit Card

Voyage Credit Card

  • Credit Card with Metal Duralumin Material
  • Voyage Exchange 24/7 Personal Concierge
  • Unique Miles on Every Transaction
Titanium Credit Card

Titanium Credit Card

  • All can be repaid 0%
  • Duration up to 36 months
  • Best Offer at Partner Merchants
Platinum Credit Card

Platinum Credit Card

  • Reward Points for each transaction
  • Low Installment
  • Bidding at Partner Merchants