SIRCLO Webstore Subscription Installment Program

12 Apr 2021 - 11 Apr 2022

SIRCLO, professional e-commerce website builder service promo for entrepreneurs: Pay lower installments for SIRCLO Webstore subscription!

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SIRCLO Webstore Subscription Installment Terms & Condition:

  1. Use promo code ONSIRCLO at loan simulation page.
  2. Promo is only valid for Professional Yearly plan (max. loan limit IDR 16.500.000)
  3. Loan tenure available is 6 or 12 months.
  4. Pricing stated is inclusive of loan interest of 1,19%
  5. This program is free of provision, disbursal, and stamp duty charges.
  6. This program does not cover applications submitted with opt-in life insurance.
  7. Program is valid for applications submitted from 12 April to 11 October 2021

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