20% Cashback | Additional Cashback Up To IDR 200K - Debit Cashback

1 May 2021 - 31 Jul 2021

20% Cashback | Additional Cashback Up To IDR 200K - Restaurant, Supermarket and Gas Station Transactions

Terms & Condition:

  1. Valid for OCBC NISP Debit GPN & Debit Mastercard
  2. Promo period: 1 May - 31 July 2021
  3. Terms & how to get Cashback:
    1. Optimize your cashback up to IDR 300,000 with transaction at Gas Station (SPBU), restaurant & supermarket around the world and increase your other retail transaction /period to get additional cashback up to IDR 200,000 as info table 1 below:

      Table 1 Tiering of SHR & Amount Cashback
      No Average daily balance (SHR) Category of transaction % Cash Back Minimum transaction Maximum Cashback
      Minimum of accumulation retail transaction/period Additional Cashback
      1 30 Mio – 50 Mio Gas Station (SPBU) 5% IDR400.000 IDR 50.000 + IDR 10.000.000 IDR 100.000
      Restaurant IDR 50.000
      Supermarket IDR 50.000
      Total IDR 150.000
      2 50 Mio – 100 Mio Gas Station (SPBU) 10% IDR400.000 IDR 75.000 IDR 15.000.000 IDR 150.000
      Restaurant IDR 75.000
      Supermarket IDR 75.000
      Total IDR 225.000
      3 >100 Mio Gas Station (SPBU) 20% IDR400.000 IDR 100.000 IDR 20.000.000 IDR 200.000
      Restaurant IDR 100.000
      Supermarket IDR 100.000
      Total IDR 300.000
    2. Maximum cashback IDR 300,000/customer/period valid for 1 time for each average daily balance (SHR) and category of transaction The amount of cashback will be imposed tax of 6%.
    3. Minimum of average daily balance (SHR) start from IDR 30,000,000 refers to table 1 above and SHR that is calculated is the total balance of customer’s saving connected to Debit card (chip card) that is used for retail shopping transaction.
    4. Debit card customer is required to make SMS claim if customer has met the criteria on table 1 above to 6477 number with the following formant:
      SMS Format
      OCBCNISP(space)CASHBACKDEBIT(space)date of birth ddmmyy#last 4 digit of Debit card


      Ensure customer mobile phone for SMS claim is the same as registered in Bank OCBC NISP system.
  4. Transaction of category that are taken into account:
    1. Gas Station (SPBU) is all transaction made at gas station (SPBU)
    2. Restaurant is all transaction made at restaurant (not valid for food & beverage transaction via e-wallet digital application, ie: DANA, Cashbac, Shopee and others)
    3. Supermarket is all transaction made at supermarket/mini market
    4. Retail transaction is all retail purchase transaction made online & offline worldwide
  5. Cashback will be credited to Customer account as follow:
    Transaction period Claim Cashback period(via SMS) Cashback credited period
    May 2021 until 5 June 2021 until 31 July 2021
    June 2021 until 5 July 2021 until 31 August 2021
    July 2021 until 5 August 2021 until 31 September 2021

General Terms & Conditions

  1. For information for program detail, contact TANYA 1500999 or website www.ocbcnisp.com related to promo
  2. OCBC NISP Bank has the right to change, reduce, or add Terms and Conditions for this program from time to time by making announcement at OCBC NISP Bank Offices
  3. Bank OCBC NISP is registered and overseen by the Financial Services Authority
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