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1 Aug 2021 - 30 Nov 2021

Telemedicine and Emergency Roadside Assistance Start From IDR 15K

Cermati Emergency Roadside Assistance (CERA)

Promo Terms:
CERA Plan Website Price Discount Amount Price After Discount
3 months IDR 109,000 IDR 40,000 IDR 69,000
6 months IDR 179,000 IDR 40,000 IDR 139,000
12 months IDR 299,000 IDR 40,000 IDR 259,000

Terms and Conditions:

Promo Mechanism:
  1. Go to insurance page on and select Emergency Roadside Assistance
  2. Fill in personal/vehicle data
  3. Select CERA period (3, 6 or 12 months)
  4. Input promo code OCBCCERA
  5. The promo code will deduct the nominal that must be paid by customer
  6. The transaction has been completed and the customer will receive further notification from Cermati regarding the status of the submission and how to use it

Purchase Good Doctor Products on

Promo Terms:
Product Type Subscription Plan Normal Price Promo Price
Bronze Individual Monthly IDR 20,000 IDR 15,000
Individual Yearly IDR 159,000 IDR 109,000
Silver Individual Monthly IDR 31,000 IDR 26,000
Individual Yearly IDR 269,000 IDR 219,000
Gold Individual Monthly IDR 53,000 IDR 48,000
Individual Yearly IDR 324,000 IDR 274,000

Product Type Subscription Plan Normal Price Promo Price
Bronze Family Monthly IDR 53,000 IDR 48,000
Family Yearly IDR 434,000 IDR 384,000
Silver Family Monthly IDR 97,000 IDR 92,000
Family Yearly IDR 709,000 IDR 659,000
Gold Family Monthly IDR 119,000 IDR 114,000
Family Yearly IDR 874,000 IDR 824,000

Terms and Conditions:
  • Valid for OCBC NISP Online Debit / Credit Card
  • Valid for purchases of Good Doctor products on
  • Valid with promo code OCBCGD50 (for min. transaction IDR 150,000) or OCBCGD5 (with no min. transaction) on check out page
  • Link:

Promo Mechanism:
  1. Go to Health Insurance & Telemedicine page on
  2. Fill in your personal data
  3. Choose Good Doctor Telemedicine product plan
  4. Enter promo code OCBCGD50 or OCBCGD5
  5. Promo code will deduct the amount to be paid by customer
  6. Make a payment and the transaction is complete

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