Nyala Pasti Cuan Program

1 May 2022 - 31 May 2022

Everyone Gets a Prize! From Cashback to Samsung Galaxy Tab!

Terms and Conditions:
  1. Valid for new customers and existing customers (with Asset Under Management status until December 2021 = 0)
  2. Also applies to New To Shariah Bank.
  3. Funds placed must be fresh funds, no book entries from other Bank OCBC NISP accounts are allowed.
  4. Register for Nyala Individu or Nyala Bisnis services and place funds minimal IDR 25 Million
  5. Open two new products with minimum @IDR 10 Million with the following choices:
    1. Regular Savings Plan – minimum tenor 6 months
    2. Bonds
    3. Mutual Funds (exclude money market)
    4. Bancassurance
    5. Current Account/ Current Account iB
    6. Deposit/ Deposit iB – minimum tenor 3 months
  6. Newly opened products may not be the same as previously opened products.
  7. Fulfilment of all terms and conditions must be done int the same month when joining.
  8. The Customer is required to provide the correct email address (personal email address, not a work or company email address). Errors in data entry can cause the link to play games (which will be sent to the Customer’s email address) to be received.
  9. Link to play games are only sent to customers who meet the terms and conditions of the program.
  10. The sender’s email with a link to play games is from Bank OCBC NISP (sender). And email is not allowed to be forwarded to other people
  11. There are 300 prizes in the program with the following details:
    Prize Total
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 1 unit
    Cashback IDR 1 Million 4 unit
    Cashback IDR 500K 8 unit
    Cashback IDR 250K 287 unit
  12. If more than the prize amount is required, an additional 100 prizes will be added with the following details:
    Prize Total
    Cashback IDR 1 Million 4 unit
    Cashback IDR 500K 8 unit
    Cashback IDR 250K 88 unit
  13. After receiving the email, Customer is given maximum 7 days to always play games (by clicking the link provided in the email).
  14. If the games are not played during this time period, prizes will be automatically given according to the smallest nominal in the program, cashback IDR 250K.
  15. Cashback will be given to Customer’s Tanda 360 Plus/Mudharabah iB Saving account no later than the end of the following month after fulfilling the applicable Terms and Conditions.
  16. Prize in the form of goods will be sent to the address of the branch opening Customer’s account (the account registered to join Nyala Semua Pasti Cuan program) within 21 working days.
  17. For gift items customer cannot choose colours, only according to availability.

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