Up To IDR 135K Off - Shopee

25 Feb 2022 - 18 Mar 2022

  • Up To IDR 135K Off
  • Promo Code 5-18 March: OCBCHBK
  • Promo Code 15 March: OCBC315

  1. Valid for all OCBC NISP Credit Cards
  2. Valid for installment and full payment
  3. Valid in Android/iOS Shopee application.
  4. The discount will be immediately deducted at the time of the transaction through the Shopee platform.
  5. Purchase link: shopee.co.id/ocbc315
  6. Valid 85 transaction/ period /type
  7. 1 (one) user ID can only be used 1 (one) transaction/day/voucher code
  8. Product, Warranty, and complaints of damage as well as those related to the product are the responsibility of the seller


  1. This program is valid for full payment transaction and 0% installment
  2. For a minimum transaction of IDR 500K, customers can apply for a manual conversion
  3. 0% installment when making transactions at Shopee web merchants
  4. The transaction will be converted into installments and included in the next billing statement, and will follow the general terms of OCBC NISP credit card installment transactions

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