The Best Education for Children, Not Just a Dream by Opening Nyala OCBC NISP, Cashback up to IDR 800,000

11 Aug 2022 - 31 Dec 2022

The Best Education for Children, Not Just a Dream

Parents, prepare special savings for the future of children's education and grow money together with OCBC NISP. Save Education Funds From Now and Achieve #FINANCIALLYFIT To Be Better Prepared for the Future by Opening the Nyala OCBC NISP Cashback Service up to IDR 800,000


The higher your first saving fund for Education Fund, more cashback up to IDR 250,000

  • Cashback IDR 50.000
    Place minimum initial balance of IDR 200,000
  • Cashback IDR 100,000
    Place minimum initial balance of IDR 1,000,000
  • Cashback IDR 250.000
    Place minimum initial balance of IDR 5,000,000
Terms and conditions NYALA for EDUCATION#1:
  • Transactions included in the program are only through the updated version of the ONe Mobile application on the App Store and Play Store
  • Open an account through NYALA Banner inside PintuKelas application which leads to the website
  • Choose NYALA service that you need
  • Enter the promo code 'NYALAPINTUKELAS'
  • Follow all the steps for opening a new account including video verification
  • Fund placement is done in the same month as the account opening date
  • Maintain balance placement for at least 30 days from account opening
  • Cashback will be credited to the your account on the 30/31 of the following month

Parents are required to participate in NYALA for EDUCATION#1 tto be able to join the NYALA for EDUCATION#2 and NYALA for EDUCATION#3 programs


Parents can manage money for their children's educational needs more easily and can get an additional cashback up to IDR 400,000 for every new product opening. The more placements, the bigger the prize you get!

Produk Baru Tenor Minimum Penempatan Reward
Taka 6-12 bulan Rp5Juta Rp50ribu
Rp10Juta Rp100ribu
Deposito 3/6/12 bulan Rp5Juta Rp50ribu
Rp10Juta Rp100ribu
Obligasi Perdana / Sekunder Rp5Juta Rp50ribu
Rp10Juta Rp100ribu
Reksadana 1 tahun Rp5Juta Rp100ribu

Terms and Conditions NYALA for EDUCATION#2:
  • Customers can only get 1x product opening reward for the same type of product (example: If the Customer opens 2 deposit products, then only 1 product will be counted)
  • For the purchase of Mutual Fund products for 1 year, the Customer can choose the option of Mutual Fund in Installment with a minimum daily placement of IDR 20K / day; a minimum weekly placement of IDR 100K/ week; or a minimum monthly placement of IDR 420K/ month
  • Maximum cashback of IDR 400K could be obtained if Customer make a combination of place TAKA at IDR 10 million, Time Deposit at IDR 10 million, Bonds at IDR 10 million, and Mutual Fund at IDR 5 million
  • Valid for product purchases using fresh funds other than the funds used to get the NYALA for Education#1 scheme prize
  • Cashback will be credited to the Customer's account on 30/31 of the following month


Do transactions on ONe Mobile and get a 50% cashback benefit of up to IDR 150K!

Make tuition payment transactions to the school's OCBC NISP Virtual Account applied inside PintuKelas and get 50% cashback up to IDR 50K for every payment transaction via One Mobile. Total maximum transactions are 3 times or maximum cashback up to IDR 150K

Nilai Cashback 50% Syarat Transaksi
Rp. 50.000 Lakukan transaksi pembayaran uang sekolah ke Virtual Account Online OCBC NISP sekolah yang ada di PintuKelas minimal 1 kali dan dapatkan cashback 50% hingga Rp50 ribu. Maksimal 3x transaksi pembayaran melalui ONe Mobile atau senilai total Rp 150ribu

Terms and Conditions NYALA for EDUCATION#3:
  • 50% cashback up to IDR 50 thousand/month
  • Make at least 1 transaction in a month to get cashback transactions in the form of payments to the relevant OCBC NISP Virtual Account.
  • Valid for 3 months in a row, the maximum cashback earned is IDR 150K
  • Cashback will be credited to the Customer's account on the 30/31 of the following month for ONe Mobile transaction in the previous month
  • To participate in the NYALA for EDUCATION#3 program in the second and third month of account opening, a minimum fund of IDR 1 million must be maintained until the cashback crediting period
General Terms and Conditions:
  • Use the promo code NYALAPINTUKELAS when registering for account opening
  • Prizes will be given in the form of cashback to the Customer's Tanda 360 Plus IDR account
  • Cannot be combined with other programs
  • This promo is given based on transaction data held by Bank OCBC NISP and the decision of the Bank is final and binding
  • Promos and program periods may change at any time

Promo Code


Pakai kode promo ini di ONe Mobile App (Android dan iOS)


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