Get Giro Account Balance Rewards Up to 1.8 Million from Your Balance Increase.

1 Jan 2022 - 31 Dec 2022

For every increase in the average balance per quarter of your Giro, get reward in Giro balance of up to IDR 1.8 million.


  • Every increase in the average balance per quarter will be rewarded in checking balance, with a nominal value according to the balance growth tiering

Terms and Conditions Program:

  • This program provides a cashback reward, if there is a growth in the average inter-quarter giro account balance of a minimum of IDR 50 million.
  • Only valid for customers who have Business Smart, Business Signature, IDR General Giro & Multicurrency Giro account (standard checking service), and current accounts must be active.
  • Register program through the Relationship Manager (RM).
  • Customers must be registered and actively transact either through Velocity (web/mobile version) or One Mobile.
  • Individual customers required to transact via One Mobile and non-individual customers are required to transact via Velocity.
  • Rewards will be credited to the Customer's account in the next month (at least the last week of the month). And rewards will be deducted by 20% tax.
  • Cashback does not apply to multiples and will be given according to the average balance growth tiering. According to the table below.
Top Top Up balance (Avg MTD - Q) Nominal Reward* Nominal Reward (Gross)
IDR 50,000,000 100,000 125,000
IDR 100,000,000 250,000 312,500
IDR 500,000,000 1,000,000 1,250,000
IDR 1.500,000,000 1,500,000 1,875,000

*) Nett Nominal Reward after tax

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