Nyala x BAKMI GM - Get E-voucher worth IDR150.000

19 Sep 2022 - 25 Jul 2023

Open Nyala Account, Get BAKMI GM E-worth IDR150.000

Promo Code


Pakai kode promo ini di ONe Mobile App (Android dan iOS)

  1. This program only eligible for new customer of Nyala OCBC NISP.
  2. Succeed in regsitering Nyala account and verification (KYC) on ONe Store website or ONe Mobile App.
  3. Input promo code ONXBAKMIGM while doing the registration
  4. You will be eligible to get E-voucher up to IDR300.000 if already put fund placement within 21 days after the date of opening Nyala account with conditions:
    • minimum of IDR1.000.000 for E-voucher worth IDR150.000
    • Keep the balance of inital placement minimum 30 days
    • Do minimum 1x transaction of payment or purchasing (top-up e-money, pulse, electricity, etc.) on ONe Mobile App.
  5. E-voucher code will be sent to the customer's registered e-mail in Nyala account at the end of the month in the following month after all program terms and conditions are met.
  6. If the referral code is not inputted or the referral code entered is different from the referral code of the running program, then the Customer is not eligible to get BAKMI GM E-voucher.
  7. BAKMI GM E-voucher is non-refundable.
  8. BAKMI GM E-voucher will be active for 3 months after the voucher is received by customer and the period cannot be extended.
  9. OCBC NISP and BAKMI GM are the entities who decide customer eligibility to get the E-voucher based on this program term and condition.
  10. This program can be terminated at any time in accordance with OCBC NISP and BAKMI GM policies while still paying attention to statutory provisions.
  11. By joining this promotion program, customer is considered to understand and accept all the term and condition of this acquisiton promotion program via ONe Store and ONe Mobile will get E-voucher.
  12. Promo is given by transaction data from OCBC NISP whose decision is final and binding
  13. ONe Mobile by PT Bank OCBC NISP, Tbk. Registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and registered as a guarantee participant in the Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS).
  14. For further information related to Nyala account opening, customer can call OCBC NISP customer service 24 hours in call center 1500999

How to Open a Nyala Account on ONe Mobile App:

  1. Download the ONe Mobile application
  2. In the application, select Open Account OCBC NISP
  3. Select “Nyala”, then Open Account;
  4. Enter Promo Code: ONXBAKMIGM
  5. Follow the steps to create a new account on ONe Mobile
  6. For opening Deposit:
    • Select Apply, then select Time Deposit
    • Follow the steps of the fund placement on ONe Mobile App
  7. For opening TAKA:
    • Select Saving Plan
    • Follow the steps of the fund placement on ONe Mobile App
  8. Follow the terms & conditions to get BAKMI GM E-voucher

How to Open a Nyala Account on ONe Store website:

  1. Open Nyala account through ONe Store website by clicking this link
  2. Select Account Opening
  3. Select “Open Savings Account”
  4. Select Choose your product to any Nyala products.
  5. Enter Promo Code: ONXBAKMIGM
  6. Follow the steps to create a new account
  7. Download ONe Mobile App, login your Nyala Account.
  8. Follow the terms & conditions to get BAKMI GM E-voucher

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