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Take Your Business To The Next Step

Working capital loan helps you to grow your business further

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Term Loan ensures business finances smooth continuity

Financing for modern womanpreneurs

Women Loan is a capital loan to empower women in growing their business

Managing Business Finance

Our Business Smart current account boosts your business transactions with more than 10 currency options in 1 account

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Velocity mobile

Velocity mobile

Manage business finances only through mobile phones

Trusted RM

Trusted RM

Accompanied by a trusted and professional RM in managing finances

Protection For You and Your Business

Credit Life Insurance provides convenience in business financing as well as self-protection

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Revolving Working Capital Credit

Revolving Working Capital Credit

Financing for business in a certain period of time

Grow your business with a range of product suite

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28 September 2021

Currency Buy Sell
EUR EUR 16,565.63 16,780.43
USD USD 14,149.00 14,358.00
AUD AUD 10,256.17 10,465.57
CNY CNY 2,164.02 2,247.80
HKD HKD 1,790.64 1,871.85
SGD SGD 10,425.19 10,634.17

Latest Article

28 September 2021

Tapering, jadi di tahun ini?

Investor sangat menanti hasil FOMC meeting yang telah diselenggarakan pada 21 – 22 September 2021. Lantas, apa keputusan yang dihasilkan dari meeting tersebut? Akankah akan diadakan tapering di tahun ini?

All Eyes On FOMC Meeting

Sejak adanya spekulasi akan potensi pengurangan stimulus moneter, atau tapering. Lalu, bagaimana dampaknya apa hal tersebut terjadi?

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