Surat Kredit Berdokumen Dalam Negeri (SKBDN)

Ensure your credit-worthiness by providing payment security for your purchase transaction of goods within the country

Increase Credibility

Provide payment guarantee for sellers

Provide Security

Payment to Seller is only made if the documents examined are in accordance with LC


Transactions are handled by professional and experienced staff

Other Advantages



Good reputation with vast connections with both domestic and overseas correspondent bank



All SKBDN processes run by experienced staff

    Interest & Fees

    Product Information Summary

ItemTariff (Rupiah)
Issuance fee0.25% p.q. from document value, min. IDR 700.000
Drafting without issuanceIDR 500.000
Amendment fee (increase amount/extension of validity)0.25% p.q. from increased value/time, min. IDR 700.000
Other amendment feeIDR 700.000
Acceptance fee for usance0.50 % p.q. min. IDR 700.000
Discrepancy feeIDR 1.000.000
Reimbursement feeIDR 1.000.000
SWIFT for issuanceIDR 420.000
SWIFT for othersIDR 280.000
AWB endorsementIDR 500.000

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SKBDN simplifies your domestic purchasing transactions

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