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Conditions for Applying Kredit Modal Kerja

1. 21 years old and above or married
2. Not listed in Bank of Indonesia’s and OCBC NISP Bank’s blacklist
3. Indonesian nationality

Required documents
Individual Corporate
Loan application form V V
National ID (KTP)/Passport V V
Taxtpayer Registration Number (NPWP) V V
Reference letter V V
Articles of Incorporation/Certificate of Establishment and Amendments - V
Trade Business License (SIUP),SITU,Company Registration Certificate (TDP) - V
Minister of Justice’s Decree - V
Certificate of Business Domicile - V
Financial Reports - V
Balance Sheet - V
Profit and Loss Report - V
Other Documents - V
Demand Loan
Demand Loan

Demand Loan

Kredit Modal Kerja
Kredit Modal Kerja

Kredit Modal Kerja

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Financial solution for your everyday business needs