Supporting Indonesia’s Economy, Bank OCBC NISP Empowers Women Entrepreneurs through the #TAYTB Women Warriors Program

25 Nov 2020

  • Empowering women entrepreneurs can positively contribute to the Indonesian economy, especially since 60% of Indonesia’s MSMEs are run by women.
  • Bank OCBC NISP's #TATYB Women Warriors program empowers women entrepreneurs through comprehensive solutions, including manage, grow and live solutions.
  • Bank OCBC NISP provides special funding of up to Rp15 billion with special interest rates, to enable women entrepreneurs to develop their businesses.

Jakarta, November 25th 2020 - MSMEs are known as one of the national economic pillars, as well as improving people's welfare. The 2016 Central Statistics Agency (BPS) economic census stated that MSMEs contributed 60.34% of total national GDP. Interestingly, Indonesia is listed as one of the countries with the largest base of women entrepreneurs in the world. Bank Indonesia’s data research stated that more than 60% of the total 57.83 million Indonesian MSMEs are run by women entrepreneurs. Various data also show that MSMEs managed by women have more sustainable financial performance, such as lower NPLs and better financial management.

"Seeing how huge the potential of women entrepreneurs can contribute to the Indonesian economy, and how we understand the challenges they face, Bank OCBC NISP is committed to empower women entrepreneurs, so they could continue to develop their businesses and take a bigger role in contributing to the economy, social and environment. With the spirit of No Such Thing As Can’t, Bank OCBC NISP initiated the #TAYTB Women Warriors Program, a comprehensive solution, which includes manage, grow and live solutions," said Parwati Surjaudaja, President Director of Bank OCBC NISP at the press conference for the launch of the #TAYTB Women Warriors program at Jakarta (25/11).

Through #TAYTB Women Warriors, Bank OCBC NISP presents comprehensive solution to support Indonesian women in running and developing their businesses to its highest potential, which:

  1. Manage: banking services that help women entrepreneurs to have a robust financial management for business and personal finances, easily, safely and conveniently, anytime and anywhere with the following features:
    • Digital solutions through ONe Mobile for personal transaction needs and Velocity for business transaction needs
    • Convenient transactions with one service solution and one electronic reporting
    • Credit Card, Online Debit Service
    • Tax reporting
  2. Grow: financial and beyond banking solutions that support businesses and enable women entrepreneurs to grow their personal wealth and business, among others:
    • Funding starts from Rp500 Million up to Rp15 Billion, either for individual entrepreneurs or business entity customers
    • Individual customers can also enjoy various financial solutions in Nyala Bisnis, while for business entity customers can enjoy various solutions in SME Banking.
    • Special loan interest rates and other attractive conditions
    • Beyond banking tools (ranging from e-commerce, tax, accounting, online payment, to managing social media services) which will help women to run their business effectively.
  3. Live: supports to improve capabilities and quality, by building business communities and providing financial education programs, thus they can enjoy life, while create impacts on the Indonesian economy, such as:
    • Wtalks - an online learning forum in the form of seminars/ webinars
    • Online sharing/ meet-up/ networking session
    • Benefits of financial products that can be utilized by women entrepreneurs such as insurance coverage
    • Exciting rewards and choices at

Bank OCBC NISP is well aware of the major challenges for women entrepreneurs which include financial management, lack of self-confidence and limited knowledge to develop sustainable business. Therefore, through #TAYTB Women Warriors program, Bank OCBC NISP provides a special program that not only helps women entrepreneurs to manage & develop their businesses, but also to provide support in the form of educational activities and women entrepreneur community to share knowledge and experiences.

"The launch of the #TAYTB Women Warriors program is in line with Bank OCBC NISP's commitment to run responsible banking. With solutions that are more than just financial support (beyond banking), we hope that the #TAYTB Women Warriors program can answer the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs and contribute to sustainable economic growth in Indonesia, "concluded Parwati.

Honorable Mention Award at "The UN Women 2020 Asia Pacific - WEPs Award"

In addition, to support comprehensive solutions for women entrepreneurs, Bank OCBC NISP's commitment to empower Indonesian women has first been reflected in the implementation of an inclusive workforce that provides equal opportunities and benefits for all employees regardless of gender. For this effort, Bank OCBC NISP received an award as an Honorable Mention for the Gender-Inclusive Workplace category from the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) Award event organized by UN Women. Furthermore, Monday (23/11), Parwati conveyed her commitment while she was one of the speakers at the Webinar & Panel Discussion held by United Nations Women (UN Women) and ANGIN with the theme "Women Leaders in Gender Lens Investing 2020".

About Bank OCBC NISP

Bank OCBC NISP was established in Bandung in 1941 under the name Nederlandsch Indische Spaar en Bank Deposit. As per September 30th, 2020, Bank OCBC NISP serves its customers through 236 office networks in 57 cities in Indonesia, equipped with 599 Bank OCBC NISP ATM units, accesible in more than 196,000 ATM networks in Indonesia, as well as connected with 740 OCBC Groups ATM networks in Singapore and Malaysia. Bank OCBC NISP also serves its customers through digital channels, including mobile banking and internet banking, both for individual and corporate. Bank OCBC NISP is one of the banks with the highest credit ratings in Indonesia, with idAAA (stable) rating from PT Pemeringkat Efek Indonesia (PEFINDO) and AAA(idn)/stable from PT Fitch Ratings Indonesia.


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