Great Eastern Life Indonesia and Bank OCBC NISP Launched Comprehensive Protection against Critical Illness Risk With 4x claims benefit, Great Multiple Critical Illness

5 Jul 2021

Financial protection solution for the risk of critical illness which is the biggest silent killer with more than 60% of deaths in Indonesia

Jakarta, 5 July 2021 – Critical illness can happen to anyone, not only the elderly, but also to younger generation, even to athlete who has a healthy lifestyle. Critical illness is also the biggest silent killer with a mortality rate of up to 60% in Indonesia, with stroke and heart disease taking the first place . Many factors are driving the emergence of this critical illness, not only unhealthy eating habits but also the demands of today's modern lifestyle and environment.

On the other hand, based on the results of the 2021 Global Medical Trends Survey issued by Willis Tower Watson, health costs in Indonesia are estimated to increase by 12% in 2021, where the cost of cancer which is classified as critical illness ranks first, followed by cardiovascular disease at the top second that affects healthcare costs in Asia Pacific .

Clement Lien, President Director of Great Eastern Life Indonesia said, “Many people buy critical illness protection when they are still healthy. However, upon any critical illness claim, their cover will stop after the claims are paid. With the advancement in medical science, it is common for people to survive critical illnesses. That is why we heard the terms “cancer survivor” or “heart attacker survivor” etc. There are growing demand for continued critical illness protection after surviving a critical illness.”

Seeing this, supported by its strategic partner, Bank OCBC NISP, Great Eastern Life Indonesia launched Great Multiple Critical Illness as a manifestation of our commitment to fulfil the needs of customers to protect against any unforeseen critical illness, but also to extend such protection to “Critical illness Survivor” against other critical illnesses. Hence, buying this product now means that you will continue to have protection against other critical illness in the future even when we do not have a clean slate of health.

“Currently public literacy on health has increased so that information about the high cost of medical care for critical illnesses is also known to the public. Therefore, we present Great Multiple Critical Illness as financial protection for yourself and your family when there is a critical illness risk. With competitive premiums and wider critical illness protection, Great Multiple Critical Illness protects the dreams and big hopes of every Indonesian family so that they can be realized in the future, as well as providing maximum financial protection to the family.” explained Nina Ong, Bancassurance Director of Great Eastern Life Indonesia.

Great Multiple Critical Illness main benefits, are:

  1. Maximum Protection, provide benefits of 4x claims for Major Critical Illness with different groups and 100% premium return with or without claims.
  2. Comprehensive Protection up to the 80 years old against 59 major critical illnesses, premium waiver benefits when Customer diagnosed with major critical illness and can be equipped with additional insurance (rider) Great Early CI which provides protection against 63 types of minor/early stage of critical illness.
  3. Competitive premiums according to the age of the customer and flexible payment options available according to the needs and abilities of the customer.

Juky Mariska, Wealth Management Head of Bank OCBC NISP said that pandemic situation is increasing public awareness of the importance of health insurance. “Data from Nielsen shows awareness to have life insurance products in various big cities in Indonesia by 24%, almost parallel to Singapore which was recorded at 26%. In line with our vision of being a trusted partner to improve the quality of life, this requires our commitment to be able to present a variety of solutions that are right for the needs of the community. We hope that Great Multiple Critical Illness can be a real solution to financial protection for the risk of critical illness which is the biggest silent killer in Indonesia.”

Also attend at this press conference, dr. Vito A. Damay, SpJP (K), Mkes, FIHA, FICA, FAsCC, a heart and blood vessel specialist. Known as Doctor Vito, that is a writer and presenter who always promotes a healthy lifestyle, said, “Entering the pandemic period, everyone is competing to live a healthy life by exercising, starting from running and cycling quite often. This activity is very good, but what is important for the public to know is that high-intensity exercise without a thorough understanding of the condition of the body can cause deadly diseases, for example heart disease. The condition that often occurs is a heart attack while exercising. Always check the condition of the body when we are going to exercise and after. Doing regular check-ups will really help to stay in a healthy body condition, apart from eating nutritious foods and getting enough rest.”

Furthermore, Doctor Vito also explained, “A fast-paced lifestyle and a poor and unhealthy diet can also be triggers that will cause serious health problems, one of which is critical illness. This understanding is important as a form of anticipating the risk of critical illness which can have implications for mental health to financial health.”

With all the benefits from Great Multiple Critical Illness, Nina optimists that this product can be well received by the Indonesian people and helps them to prepared a better live life. It is hoped that this Great Multiple Critical Illness product can help the customers protecting family finances when there is a risk of critical illness, considering that there are 2.5 million cases of cancer treatment rates in the country which cost up to Rp3.5 trillion for treatment based on data from BPJS Kesehatan as revealed by the Deputy Minister of Health at the commemoration of World Cancer Day.

About Bank OCBC NISP
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